Announcing New Name, New Structure, New Location in Historic Downtown Truckee

Celebrating 40 years as residential real estate leaders in Truckee and Lake Tahoe, Boice O’Neal Realty announces independence, a new name and an additional office location in historic downtown Truckee to better serve clients and keep business in Truckee Tahoe. Boice O’Neal Realty is proud to continue operations out of their prominent buildings in Tahoe City and Tahoe Donner. The combination of regional expertise, strong presence throughout the area and sixty high-caliber professional agents make Boice O’Neal Realty the largest independently owned group in the North Lake Tahoe Sierra Multiple Listing Service area.

“Our community is based on the accomplishments of boutique businesses. Being independently owned and operated, rather than affiliated with a national franchise, gives us the freedom and flexibility to best serve people who come from all over the world to enjoy the incredible mountain resort communities that we call home, explains Bill Whitehead, owner of the newly named Boice O’Neal Realty which is no longer under the Keller Williams franchise. ”First hand experience and a keen understanding of market dynamics combine to create the premier residential real estate group serving our area. We know what works for Truckee Tahoe – it is our local expertise and authentic passion for the community, rather than large corporate culture or doing business under a national franchise, that works best.”

New Name: Boice O’Neal Realty

“Marianne Boice and Ray O’Neal built successful enterprises by helping people, the majority who come from the greater San Francisco Bay area, fulfill their dreams of mountain resort community living. We honor that tradition with the formation of Boice O’Neal Realty,” explains Whitehead, a realtor in Truckee since 1979.

The company’s new name celebrates historic roots with the well-respected names of two real estate icons: Marianne Boice in Truckee and Ray O’Neal in Tahoe City. Boice moved from Woodside, CA to Truckee in the early 1970s and quickly established her real estate prowess after founding her company in downtown Truckee in 1972. Her success and commitment to excellence are the foundation of Boice O’Neal Realty. Likewise, O’Neal, who later served as president of the North Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce and Tahoe Sierra Multiple Listing Service, launched his company off the shores of Lake Tahoe in 1976. His high-performing team has become synonymous with exceptional service in North Lake Tahoe.

Whitehead owned and operated the business started by Boice with partner Bill Deatsch from 1983 to 2006. They joined Keller Williams in 2006. O’Neal joined the franchise in 2008 and over the last four and a half years Whitehead and O’Neal’s team established a very good working relationship. Both agreed that the best thing for business would be to go independent. O’Neal explains that rather than sending funds out of the area, all profits will now stay in Tahoe Truckee. Whitehead is thrilled to return to an independent business model. Today Boice O’Neal Realty embraces the authentic commitment to excellence that comes from being independently owned and operated.

New location: Flying A in historic downtown Truckee

In addition to the established buildings in Tahoe City and Tahoe Donner, Boice O’Neal Realty has an ideal new office location (including space for client parking) in the Flying A building located at 10091 Donner Pass Road in historic downtown Truckee. For more information visit

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About Boice O’Neal Realty

Boice O’Neal Realty is the premiere independently owned and operated real estate group serving North Lake Tahoe and Truckee, CA. Boice O’Neal Realty is dedicated to educating all clients about Tahoe Truckee communities so people can make the most informed decisions to fulfill their dreams whether it is building a legacy home, purchasing a first cabin, primary home or something in between. With offices in Tahoe Donner, Tahoe City and historic downtown Truckee plus sixty active agents, Boice O’Neal Realty is the largest independently and locally owned group in the North Lake Tahoe Sierra MLS. For more information visit


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The combination of regional expertise, strong presence throughout the area and sixty high-caliber professional agents make Boice O’Neal Realty the largest independently owned group in the North Lake Tahoe Sierra Multiple Listing Service area.
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Truckee, CA Feb. 1, 2013 Boice O’Neal Realty announces independence (no longer part of national Keller Williams franchise), new name and additional location in historic downtown Truckee.
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We get to make those dreams possible and even get to share in some of them with the ones who become friends.
Bill Whitehead, owner of the newly named and announced Boice O'Neal Realty in Tahoe Truckee, CA
An Independent Business Model represents freedom. People come here to get away from Corporate America and quotas.
Bill Whitehead, owner Boice O'Neal Realty
We identify best with the resort community that we are and it feels right to spend our money locally rather than send it off to a corporation who only knows us on a spreadsheet.
Bill Whitehead, owner Boice O'Neal Realty