PacketFront launches Gigabit-to-the-Home Solution

PacketFront announces its Gigabit-to-the-Home solution for active Ethernet networks complementing its existing Gig-to-the-Home PON offering.

Many existing active Ethernet networks cannot deliver high speed Internet access and multiple HD-TV channels simultaneously. Many consumers have invested in HD-TV ready TV sets and consequently the demand for high speed Internet services in combination with high-quality TV is increasing in the leading broadband countries such as Holland and Sweden. PacketFront’s new end-to-end solution for Gigabit active Ethernet includes the MetroStar 3000 series of access switches and the DRG 700 series of next-generation CPE (customer premises equipment). The MetroStar 3000 is purpose-built for FTTH networks and offers an advanced feature set for service enforcement of broadband services. The MetroStar 3000 provides the key functionality required in broadband networks for triple-play service delivery without the cost of current generation high-end switches. Based on PacketFront’s innovative fiber termination unit, the new DRG 700 CPE comes in a number of different models with Layer 2 switched as well as Layer 3 routed operation, including a firewall for the customer home. In addition to 4 LAN ports, the DRG 700 has a USB port and options for WiFi, VoIP telephony and CATV including premium TV-channel filters to act as the communications centre of the connected home. Both the MetroStar 3000 and the DRG 700 are manageable using PacketFront’s award-winning control and provisioning system, BECS. The first PacketFront customers expressed their interest in the Gig-to-the-home solutions and the first roll-outs are scheduled for spring. ‘Our customers are increasingly asking for a Gigabit solution to service their premium end-users and our Gig-to-the-Home solution allows operators to add true Gigabit functionality where they need it in the network,’ says Johnny Hedlund VP Product Management from PacketFront.