Netrounds Demonstrates True Proactive Assurance with Predictive Analytics Proof of Concept

Combination of Active Network Service Metrics with Intelligent, Domain-specific Prediction and Anomaly Algorithms Enables Predictive Detection of Network Faults

Netrounds, the leading provider of software-based active testing, monitoring, and automated assurance solutions for communications service providers, today announced their collaboration with Elastisys to demonstrate true proactive assurance using predictive analytics on active network service measurements.  

In this Proof of Concept (PoC), rich Layer 2 to Layer 7 network service metrics from Netrounds’ active monitoring are combined with predictive analytic algorithms to predict anomalies and network performance issues before they occur. This allows network operations personnel to prioritize service degradations that will affect customers well ahead of impact, improving overall network health and customer satisfaction.

Early results from the joint solution are now available and show impressive prediction capabilities. This initial PoC uses metrics, such as RTP jitter (ms) shown below, which are actively measured by injecting real traffic into a live, large-sized customer core IP network. The diagram below shows the actual, actively-measured RTP jitter (red) overlaid on top of the algorithm’s predicted level of jitter (blue). The prediction algorithm is constantly running and looking one hour ahead in time. As seen in the diagram, predicted and real jitter match with very high correlation.

“The combination of our high quality and service-centric active measurements with the Elastisys intelligent algorithms has shown to accurately predict anomalies across a variety of network services and domains,” said Anders Bergsten, Vice President of Product Management at Netrounds. “The ability to proactively assure their network services will allow our customers to significantly decrease the number of network faults that negatively affect their end users. They will be able to react much earlier and in a much more prioritized and targeted manner so that they spend resources on alarms and faults that will have the largest impact on customer experience. All in all, we make network operations more efficient.”

“Our algorithms are built on decades of leading research and tailored for network-specific use cases,” said Robert Winter, CEO of Elastisys. “It is very important to emphasize that accurate results are only obtained when relevant, high quality data, like the metrics from active measurements that Netrounds provides, are available.”

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