Mandatory notification of trade

NextGenTel Holding ASA has 11 January 2017 sold 25,000 own shares at an average price of NOK 24.00 per share. The shares were sold as part of the company`s share option program. After this transaction, there are 436,000 outstanding options in the company with strike price from NOK 3.0 to NOK 26,00 (average NOK 13.94). After this transaction, NextGenTel Holding ASA holds 274,201 own shares.

About Us

Telio is a leading European fixed and mobile internet communications provider committed to continuously improving end-user experience by offering innovative and user friendly telecommunication services based on flat free pricing to consumers. A combination of Telio offerings can replace traditional fixed and mobile telephone services by using the Telio VoIP solution over a fixed or mobile broad band connection. Telio's flexible, scalable, access-independent technology platform provides it with the ability to rapidly introduce innovative products and services. Telio’s principals and advisory board are some of the most respected VoIP and SIP experts in the world. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and is listed on the Oslo Exchange as TELIO. Telio’s mission is to be a major force in defining and providing fixed and mobile internet communications to the consumer and small businesses.