Renewal and expansion of Telia’s cooperation with NextGenTel

Telia Company has renewed and expanded the cooperation with NextGenTel for providing tele and data communication services to Telia Company’s Nordic corporate customers located in Norway.

The duration of the contract is until the end of 2019 with an option to prolong. Today, Telia has approximately 2,500 sites with tele and data communication services delivered by NextGenTel in Norway. The contract includes among others the following services; Business Internet, DataNet and DataNet 4G (L3VPN), and DataNet Service Center Connection to Telia Entry (Managed Voice) and represents an annual revenue of 75 MNOK for NextGenTel.

”NextGenTel is proud and humble about the renewal and expansion of the contract to deliver tele and data communication services to Telia Company’s Nordic corporate customers located in Norway,” says Eirik Lunde, CEO in NextGenTel. “The contract confirms our position as one of Norway’s largest providers of broadband and broadband services. At the end of September 2016, NextGenTel had 144,700 broadband lines in operation, of which 17,900 in the business segment. Based on our national presence and own network structure it is possible for our company to customize services, delivery volumes and terms to customers’ various needs and requirements to the delivery of broadband."

About Us

The NextGenTel Group is a major player in providing fixed and mobile Internet communication services to consumers and businesses with a #2 position within xDSL broadband in the Norwegian market. The range of services covers access independent broadband, data net, Ethernet, VoIP, mobile and TV. In addition, the Group provides VoIP services to consumers in Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and is listed on the Oslo Exchange as NGT. NextGenTel's mission is to be a major force in defining and providing fixed and mobile internet communications to the consumer and small businesses.