Nitro Games releases Medals of War for an exclusive launch in Sweden!

”Best Defense is an Explosive Offense”

Nitro Games’ upcoming game, Medals of War is now available exclusively in Sweden as an MVP market test.

On this date, Nitro Games released an early stage test version of the upcoming game, Medals of War in Sweden. The purpose of the limited launch is to gather actual player feedback and preferences to fine-tune the development of the title. This market test release is a part of Nitro Games’ MVP process, where game development is closely tied to actual market data and early-stage qualitative community feedback.

Experience WW2 Fantasy!

The game takes place in Warland, a world with units, weapons, equipment and environment inspired by the actual era. Warland comes alive with explosive effects, outstanding graphics and awesome sounds!

Collect – Control - Compete!

The Player’s army is formed of several heroic units of various different types, such as Riflemen, Grenadiers and Tanks. Players get to choose special Commands to aid their Units in battle - everything from a Napalm Strike to First Aid! All units and Commands are upgradeable and have unique role in the battlefield. Players are matched with each other in intense PvP combat – In real-time! Medals of War is a community-focused game that brings players together with their friends. The aim is to level up, hone your skills to be the best commander in Warland.

"With Medals of War we're bringing explosive, easy to pick-up PvP action to mobile devices in an immersive WW2-inspired Warland universe. Based on our previous experience, Sweden is a fitting choice for an early stage release, since as a market it reflects the wider western markets well.”

- Henri Lindgren, Executive Producer of Medals of War at Nitro Games Plc.

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Nitro Games in brief:

Nitro Games is a free-to-play mobile game developer and publisher with a decade of experience in developing games for the mid-core user segment, mostly focusing on the genre of strategy games. The Company focuses on producing games with high production value and high revenue potential for smartphones and tablets. With Nitro Games’ powerful NG Platform and NG MVP-process, the Company is able to do market validation with new game prototypes after only a week of development. Historically, Nitro Games has developed games such as East India Company, Commander: Conquest of the Americas, Pirates of Black Cove and Raids of Glory.