Key information relating to subsequent offering to be carried out by Nordic Mining ASA

Reference is made to stock exchange notice 14 December 2017 regarding private placement of NOK 50 million and subsequent offering at the same subscription price in Nordic Mining ASA. The Board of Directors proposes that the extraordinary general meeting to be held on 8 January 2018 resolves a subsequent offering with the key details as set out below.

Date on which terms and conditions of the contemplated subsequent offering was announced: 14 December 2017
Last day including right: 14 December 2017
Ex-date: 15 December 2017
Date of approval: 8 January 2018
Maximum number of new shares: 3,000,000
Subscription price: NOK 3.20

Other information: The subsequent offering is conditioned on the extraordinary general meeting's approval and publication of a prospectus approved by the Norwegian Supervisory Authority.

This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Obligations.


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