Nomination committee’s recommendation

Stavanger, 9 January 2015: Norwegian Energy Company ASA («Noreco») has summoned an extraordinary general meeting on 13 January 2015 for election of up to two new directors in addition to Silje Augustson and Andreas Greve-Isdahl who are elected by the shareholders, and election of up to two members of the nomination committee.

The chair of the nomination committee Morten Garman informs that the committee has approached the company’s largest shareholders and asked them to nominate candidates. The nomination committee has received one proposal for new board directors. The committee’s recommendation is based on this proposal.

The nomination committee recommends the election of the following directors to supplement the board:
John-Kaare Aune
Ariane Foisy

The nomination committee recommends the election of the following members to supplement the nomination committee:
Kristian Utkilen
Leif Bryn Petersen

For further information about the nominated directors, please see CVs below.


John-Kaare Aune
John-Kaare Aune (age 42) is Deputy Director & Head of Global Commercial Services with the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands. Aune is a Sivilingeniør (a Master Degree) and Naval Architect from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. He has extensive experience of regulatory requirements, classification and certification of ships and offshore structures from his time with the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (1997-2004) and the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (since 2004). He has also represented Norway in several EU expert committees and at IMO (International Maritime Organization) Committees. Mr. Aune is a Norwegian citizen.

Ariane Foisy
Ariane Foisy (age 30) is a consultant specialising in project management's best practices. She has several years of experience in private and public enterprise and hold a Master Degree in Project Management from The School of Management (École des sciences de la gestion de l'Université du Québec à Montréal) and a Bachelor's in International Development and Globalisation from the University of Ottawa. She has collaborated on international development projects focusing on basic public health needs of local populations. Ms Foisy is a Canadian citizen.


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