North American Partners in Anesthesia Releases Final Two NAPABriefs Focused on Transforming Operating Rooms in the Age of Health Care Reform

NAPABriefs 5 and 6 address value-based purchasing and readmission reduction programs, and ACO costs and quality outcomes

MELVILLE, NY, April 3, 2013 – In a thought leadership series that provides five steps for transforming a hospital’s OR in the age of health care reform, North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) today released NAPABriefs 5 and 6, the final two in the six-part series. The briefs outline a hospital game plan for Medicare’s Value-Based Purchasing and Readmission Reduction Programs, and how to manage costs and outcomes for accountable care organizations (ACOs). 

“Our work with hospitals before, during and after the passage of health care reform made it clear they wanted and needed a more comprehensive, strategic view of their entire perioperative process,” said Timothy J. Dowd, M.D., NAPA’s CEO & Managing Partner.  “Health care reform has connected quality, outcomes, the patient experience, reimbursements and costs like never before. We realized that in order for hospitals to prosper in this new environment they had to cohesively manage across every patient touch point.  Our ‘Transforming the OR’ NAPABriefs are designed to help them lay that foundation.”

NAPABrief 5 is entitled “Aligning your Hospital and Anesthesia Group for Value-Based Purchasing and Other Reimbursement Penalties/Incentives,” and provides hospitals with a game plan for addressing the reform-driven Medicare initiatives.  As the fourth step in NAPA’s five steps to transforming the OR, hospitals can align their goals around quality metrics to maximize payment incentives as well as avoid penalties for readmissions.

NAPABrief 6 is the fifth and final step in transforming the OR, and focuses on managing costs and outcomes for a defined population in the post-reform world of accountable care organizations.  Entitled “Aligning for ACO Cost and Quality Outcomes,” this last NAPABrief helps hospitals pursuing an ACO strategy, making it a central component of the perioperative landscape to improve surgical complications, mortality, readmissions, length of stay, hospital acquired conditions, inpatient quality indicators, and patient safety indicators.

To recap, the first four NAPABriefs outline the need for hospitals to create a perioperative super structure of accountable care at every patient touch point.  They then begin laying out the steps to a transformed OR, with the first three steps being: driving OR efficiency and effectiveness; quality improvement; and public reporting.

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