Hakon Invest listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange

As of today Hakon Invest is traded on Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O List.

Hakon Invest conducts investment operations focusing on companies in the retail sector. Hakon Invest is most known for its major shareholding in the ICA retail chain, the company’s core investment. Its operations are now to be broadened and, based on the holding in ICA, Hakon Invest aims to establish a position as one of the leading Nordic companies with investments in the retail sector. The company’s financial assets will mainly be used for investments in unlisted retail companies in the Nordic region. Hakon Invest’s sales during the first nine months of 2005 totaled SEK 446 million. “We are pleased to welcome a major company with a Nordic investment strategy to the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The fact that Hakon Invest has a shareholding in ICA, one of the largest retail companies in the Nordic region, makes it particularly pleasing, because all Swedes have some relationship with ICA. The Exchange intends to help ensure that Hakon Invest obtains all the benefits of belonging to the Nordic stock market. We warmly welcome Hakon Invest,” says Jenny Rosberg, President of Cash Market Sweden, OMX. “An exchange listing is part of our ambition of securing a sustainably favorable ownership structure for Hakon Invest, while simultaneously providing us with access to the capital market. The keen interest shown in Hakon Invest shares is naturally highly gratifying and provides us with confirmation that both institutions and the public believe in the company,” says Claes-Göran Sylvén, President of Hakon Invest. Photos from the welcoming ceremony and a webcast interview with Hakon Invest’s President, Claes-Göran Sylvén, will be available on www.omxgroup.com/stockholmsborsen under Corporate actions and Changes in listed companies/Listings. Hakon Invest will be traded in the Consumer Staples segment. Information about the company’s industry classification and similar details is available on www.omxgroup.com/stockholmsborsen under Press and Exchange Notices/Search/Equity-related information.

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