Landsbanki Islands new member of OMX’s exchanges in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki

Landsbanki Islands has been approved as a member of the Nordic exchanges within OMX. As of December 12, Landsbanki Islands gains access to the three equity markets of the exchanges in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki.

Jukka Ruuska President of OMX Exchanges says: “It is always a pleasure to welcome a new member to OMX Exchanges, and I am particularly happy to note that Landsbanki Islands finds the Nordic region so attractive that it joins all three Nordic exchanges within OMX at the same time.” Steinthor Gunnarsson, Landsbanki’s Head of securities brokerage says: “Since its privatisation in 2003, Landsbanki has focused on achieving a strong market position in Iceland in all the Bank's areas of operation. Today, its market share ranges from 30-50%, depending on the area. Attaining such a strong anchoring in the domestic market has enabled Landsbanki to successfully expand into markets abroad, which in turn has enabled the Bank to support its Icelandic clients as they move into new markets. Membership of the Nordic Stock Exchanges, which Landsbanki Islands is very proud of, could be described as a step in this direction.” Landsbanki Islands intends to trade on its own account and on behalf of its customers. Until now Landsbanki Islands has been a member of ICEX, Iceland Stock Exchange only. Landsbanki Islands was established in 1886 and was state owned until 1998 when the Icelandic government started the privatization process. In February 2003, the privatization of Landsbanki Islands was completed. Today, Landsbanki Islands’ largest shareholder is Samson Eignarhaldsfelag, which owns about 40 percent of the shares outstanding. Landsbanki Islands’ headquarters are located in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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