Innovative wooden architecture for the new sea front leisure center in Aarhus.

32,500 meters of OrganoWood®, was required to build the new sea front leisure center in Aarhus, Denmark. The construction is scheduled to be completed this summer. The project architect is Bjarke Ingels from the architectural firm BIG.

It is Aarhus municipality, who has initiated the new summer paradise. The planning of the project has been going on for a long time and now it has finally begun. The entire leisure center will be built on the water with an innovative and sustainable design. Aarhus municipality has strict policies when it comes to environmental aspects in this project. Because of this, all wood used in the constructions, must come from sustainable sources. The strict environmental requirements in Aarhus made it impossible to use classic pressure treated wood. The arcitects examined many alternative woods before deciding upon OrganoWood®. Other construction in the harbor area of ​​Aarhus has been built with other kinds of environmentally friendly timber, which all were very expensive and it has been difficult to find sustainable certifications. The choice was obvious when they heard about OrganoWood®. 

"Traditionally, you could use pressure-treated wood, but Aarhus has a policy to buy only certified sustainable wood and not impregnated with heavy metals", says Jan Mortensen, Technical Director of CASA Entreprise, the contractor in the construction project.

Frøslev Wood in Padborg has delivered the required OrganoWood® to the project in Aarhus.

"OrganoWood® has been used in Sweden for more than four years, while in Denmark, we are breaking grounds with new modified wood. We expect to see OrganoWood® in many other projects in the future. We see a great interest in the product right now, from architects but also from entrepreneurs and DIY / end consumers. It will be the first hand choise in more and more new projects, since the future in construction more frequently forbids the usage of wood impregnated with copper and heavy metals. A lot of consumers also make the active choice of not using toxic impregnated wood. OrganoWood® modified wood is in these cases a fantastic alternative, with high durability and very affordable." says development manager Morten Erikstrup at Frøslev Wood.

Morten continues to explain that the wood is treated with silicon, a process that has been developed with inspiration from the natural fossilization process where minerals penetrate and mineralizes organic material. The technology help the silicon substances are bound to the wood fibers, creating an environment in which fungi do not thrive. In addition, silicon is a noncombustible substance that gives the wood its flame protection and over time the wood will become beautifully silver-gray.

Aarhus sea front leisure center will be located in a residential area which will include 250 homes, which are ready for occupancy in December 2018. The leisure center will be about 2,500 square meters and will be located near the 450-square meter beach that is part of project. The entire complex will include 70 activity center, 6 restaurants and a theater.

Here will families, children and tourists come to visit, especially in the summer. Everyone that visits the leisure center will put their feet on a non-toxic jetty since all substances in OrganoWoods® products are classified as harmless to the environment, animals and humans by the Swedish National Chemical Agency.


Jens Hamlin, CEO OrganoWood.

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OrganoWood was founded in 2010 as a joint-venture between OrganoClick AB (publ) and Kvigos AB and is based on scientific breakthroughs in modification of biofibers. OrganoWood’s chemical products are produced by OrganoClick in Täby, and by the company’s industrial partner Bergs Timber in Nybro that modifies the wood. OrganoClick is listed at Nasdaq First North and was appointed by the World wildlife fund – the WWF to a ”Climate Solver” ( ) in 2010, as one of Sweden’s 20 most innovative companies by the Swedish Institute in 2011 and has been on the business magazines NyTekniks and Affärsvärldens ”33-list” over “Sweden’s hottest young technology companies” in 2012 and 2013.



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Innovative wooden architecture for the new sea front leisure center in Aarhus.
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Traditionally, you could use pressure-treated wood, but Aarhus has a policy to buy only certified sustainable wood and not impregnated with heavy metals
Jan Mortensen, Technical Director of CASA Entreprise