Tosibox, the developer of easy and secure remote connection solutions, has introduced a new product that helps organisations to make the most of its solutions in a variety of ways. TOSIBOX® SoftKey, launched at the Teknologia17 event in Helsinki, is a software-based Sub Key that works without the actual TOSIBOX® Key device.

Customers can use Tosibox’s award-winning innovations to build secure remote connections that serve, for example, the management and maintenance of decentralised production systems. Typical applications include property automation, energy and water supply management as well as industrial processes. TOSIBOX® Lock is connected to the customer’s systems or devices, allowing the underlying systems to be accessed easily and securely with the TOSIBOX® Key. In the future, customers will only need one physical Master Key, as the TOSIBOX® SoftKey performs the same functions as the Sub Key and can be controlled through the Master Key. 

“TOSIBOX® SoftKey complements our ever-evolving range of solutions that also allows us to create software-based secure remote connections. It is possible that customers will no longer need physical Sub Keys in the future, which would further speed up the setting up of connections and expand the range of devices that can be connected,” says Tosibox CEO Tero Lepistö.  

TOSIBOX® SoftKey is suitable for customers who need to set up connections quickly over long distances. It allows, for example, quick sharing of temporary access rights even to users located on the other side of the globe. The connected PC or MAC workstations do not require a USB port, and customers can rely on the security of the solution. TOSIBOX® SoftKey works with the same TOSIBOX® Key software as that used with the actual key device. The software-based key is rekeyed and used through the same familiar and secure practices as the physical key, and the key cannot be copied to another device. User authentication is also always carried out in two steps.

The new product will be available this year. 

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Tero Lepistö, CEO, Tosibox Oy, tel. +358 50 404 1346  

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