PA Consulting Group Names its New York Office its Official U.S. National Headquarters

New York, NY, April 1, 2013 – PA Consulting Group named its New York office as its official U.S. headquarters. PA Consulting Group’s New York office is located in the Chrysler Building in midtown, Manhattan. The firm’s nationwide footprint in the U.S. includes offices in Washington, DC; Boston, MA; Princeton, NJ; Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; and New York, NY.

"New York City, through our office in the Chrysler Building, is an ideal base for us to best serve our clients across the United States, forecast global trends and understand their likely impact on our key markets,” said Chris Steel, US Country Head for PA Consulting Group.   “In addition, the strong growth of our business local to the New York area means that the city will only become more important to us in future." 

In the U.S., PA Consulting Group has an outstanding track record of helping companies and major government departments transform and improve their performance for long-term success.

The firm has expertise across information technology, cyber security, business design, change management, operations excellence and people and talent management, and sector experience across the life sciences and healthcare, energy, and defense and security industries.

About PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting Group is a firm of more than 2,000 people, specializing in management and IT consulting, technology and innovation. Independent and employee-owned, PA Consulting Group operates globally from offices across Europe and the Nordics, the United States, the Gulf and Asia Pacific.  PA Consulting Group works with businesses and governments to anticipate, understand and meet the challenges they face. PA Consulting Group has outstanding technology-development capability and a unique breadth of skills, from strategy to performance improvement, from HR to IT. PA Consulting Group’s expertise covers energy, financial services, life sciences and healthcare, government and public services, defense and security, transport and logistics, telecommunications, consumer goods and automotive. For more information about PA Consulting Group, visit .


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PA Consulting Group is a leading management and IT consulting and technology firm. Independent and employee-owned, PA Consulting operates globally in more than 30 countries and transforms the performance of major organizations in both private and public sectors. From initial idea generation and strategy development through to detailed implementation, PA Consulting delivers significant and tangible results. PA Consulting has outstanding technology development capability; a unique breadth of skills from strategy to performance improvement, HR to IT; and strong expertise in communications, defense, energy, financial services, government and public services, healthcare, international development, manufacturing and water. For more information about PA Consulting Group, please visit