Dream Job Gives Children the Gift of Self-Expression

Entrepreneurial Anna-Lee Kewley scoops National Venus Award in New Media for baby and toddler clothing company Baby Moo’s, who empower children to make their own decisions

Baby Moo’s is not just any baby clothing manufacturer. Each garment is conceived by someone who has carved her own career, starting from scratch. Based in Bournemouth, Anna-Lee Kewley’s business decision enabled her to get creative and design clothes that give children the option of self-expression. From the get-go Anna has fostered an entrepreneurial spirit, which helped her achieve success and scoop her latest New Media and Online Business Award from the NatWest’s Venus Awards.

Initially having won the local awards in Dorset, Anna is delighted to have been selected to represent a national winner, following perpetually snowballing childcare costs that drove her to start Baby Moo’s. The deserving National winners were chosen from a massive 13,225 nominations and applications as well as 34,066 votes. Anna said, “I started my business with just a couple of hundred pounds, and I’ve learnt to seize every opportunity to learn and expand the brand since first starting.” said Anna.

Faced with the contrary problem of clothing her young baby, Anna created a website selling fun and often music-inspired kids outfits, with fun home-spun designs for a reasonable cost. A major motivation for Anna has been the gift of self-expression, which she feels children are able to achieve in wearing her designs. Unconventional, and even downright provocative, Anna’s designs allow baby and toddlers’ personalities to be projected through their clothes.

Revered by alternative parents and anyone with a sense of fun, Baby Moo’s has seen formidable success in the lifetime of Anna’s first born son. Anna puts this down to “receiving recognition from local awards helping me to increase brand awareness, which totally increased my confidence. I’ve learnt that to be a successful entrepreneur you have to believe in yourself, and shout it from the rooftops.”

BabyMoos.com communicates toddler’s ownership of their clothing requirements; something Anna has always put at the fore of her business goals. She said, "As children are being empowered through learning, it’s becoming more common for them to speak up for themselves, and take ownership, both in the classroom and out.  All of my collections are informed by designs that my children would choose themselves. They road test the lot!”

Following some of the massive changes to state education underway, ensuring children are taught self-belief values at home is more important than ever. Handing decision making to children fosters an ethos of trusting their own instincts, establishing a clarity over who and what they are comfortable with. "Giving the children control over their clothing choices actually makes the all-too-tedious chore of getting dressed pass a little more quickly.” said Anna, who knows all too well what a battle the dressing ritual can be.

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Launched in 2010, Anna has taught herself the range of digital and new media skills to build a successful online brand, stocking quality, quirky designs with stacks of character.

To see the collections or find out more, visit the Baby Moo’s web shop at http://www.babymoos.com/

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