Final data from long-term study indicate clearly positive effects in the form of fewer and shorter seizures

Panion’s epilepsy product in development for dogs is based on CombiGene’s candidate drug, for which an important study report has just been released. 

Final data from CombiGene’s preclinical proof-of-concept-study (the long-term study) show that CombiGene’s candidate drug, CG01, has clear antiepileptic effects. The study has demonstrated that CG01 reduces the frequency and duration of epileptic seizures in treatment-responsive animals. A couple of the animals were completely free of seizures after being treated. No side effects have been observed
in the study.

Panion’s CEO Anja Holm congratulates CombiGene with the positive results and comments on the outcome of the long-term study:

“The positive final results from the long-term study are very satisfactory and an assurance of the potential of GC01 towards an approved drug. These results are directly relevant for Panion’s next steps and the clinical studies in dogs”

The study, which began in April 2017, has been conducted at Lund University under the direction of Professor Merab Kokaia, head of the Epilepsy Centre at Lund University’s Faculty of Medicine. The principal aim of the study is to provide additional evidence of the antiepileptic effect the candidate drug.

The outcome of the study is being analyzed in three different ways. MR scanning (magnetic resonance) has been used to investigate how much of the brain is damaged, video EEG (electroencephalography), is used to observe electrical activity in the brain during a seizure, and histological analysis (tissue analysis) is used to find detailed answers with respect to deviations in brain tissue and to determine the levels of the candidate drug, CG01.

Anja E. H. Holm, CEO
+ 45-22 94 66 00

Bolaget ska utveckla och kommersialisera genterapi för behandling av epilepsiliknande tillstånd hos hundar och andra djur, samt utveckla och kommersialisera andra veterinärmedicinska produkter och nya behandlingsformer som kan ge sjuka djur bättre livskvalitet.
Panion will develop and commercialize a gene therapy treatment for dogs with drug refractory epilepsy, and other new animal health products and treatments that improve the quality of life for animals suffering from chronic diseases.


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