Thumbs up for the mobile generation

Which digit do you use for digital technology, asks ParcelHero

Did you know that the use of mobile devices is having a physical impact on us? E-Commerce expert Roger Sumner-Rivers, MD of international couriers, says: ‘How we perform the simple act of ringing a doorbell has been changed by the use of mobile devices. The chances are if you are under 20 you will ring a doorbell using your thumb, whereas over 20s will most likely use your index finger’

Roger explains: ‘This change has come about because of the way we use our thumbs when texting and shopping on our mobiles and tablets. It’s one of the most immediate and obvious of changes to happen as a result of the ongoing e-commerce revolution.’

The rise of mobile device usage shows no sign of decline. Data from shows over a quarter of people sending parcels are already booking them through mobile devices. In fact the latest figures from the US say that around half of all online shopping is now being done on mobile devices, as the rise of ‘m-commerce’, as it is being dubbed, continues.

The switch to mobile gets the thumbs-up from Roger: ‘The impact of technology is becoming ever greater. We know how it has transformed our ability to shop for what we want, send parcels wherever we want to in the world, and get in touch with friends instantly. It’s perhaps not surprising therefore that it has an actual physical effect. I may be one of the last people to ring a doorbell with my finger; though I like to think I’m as up to date with technological developments as the thumb-generation!’

What next for the m-generation? Well researchers are saying that they are actually using their thumbs to point at things now, instead of their index finger. As Roger says: ‘Digital technology is certainly pointing the way forward; whatever part of your hand you use!’


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