Unwanted Presents? ParcelHero Reveals Six Secrets for Successful Sales on eBay

International courier says mailing options are the key to eBay success

What should people do with that unwanted blender or ghastly clock they received for Christmas? International courier ParcelHero.com warns that not only is the 14-day return limit for Christmas gifts long gone, but even Amazon’s generous end of January return date ends this weekend. If you’ve put off sending a gift back too long, ParcelHero’s David Jinks asks why not sell it instead? More and more Brits are joining the 4 million people who sell on eBay in the UK every month.

Online auction site eBay celebrates its 20thBirthday this year, and there are now 190,000 businesses registered with eBay UK. With serious money to be made, David says it’s surprisingly easy to set up your first auction; though sellers should be careful they get shipping options right if selling internationally:

1.    Get good feedback
This is key to being viewed as a ‘trustworthy’ seller. Respond quickly to questions, provide plenty of information and ensure timely delivery – using a good courier service for your deliveries can get you more customers in the future on the basis of your excellent feedback.

2.    Offer to deliver outside the UK
Don’t limit your potential sales, offer delivery beyond UK shores. Companies such as ParcelHero are up to 72% cheaper than the Royal Mail for international deliveries, and pick up your items – saving you a trip to the Post Office. Essential advice on shipping eBay items is available on the ParcelHero website.

3.    Know your fees
You can list 20 items per month for free so spread out your sales if necessary to try and keep costs down. Remember that you will pay a 10% cut of the final sale price including postage to eBay, whether you paid an insertion fee or not.

4.    Learn the lingo
Here are some of the most commonly used abbreviations to incorporate into your listings: BN – Brand new. BNWT – Brand new with tags. BNIB – Brand new in box. BIN – Buy it now. VGC – Very good condition. NR – No reserve. NWOT – New without tags. NWOB – New without box. HTF – Hard to find. FSH – Free shipping and handling. VTG – Vintage.

5.    Optimise your listing title
This is the only part of the listing eBay uses when compiling searches for buyers so stuff it with keywords. You can use the free eBay Pulse tool to see what the most popular search terms are.

6.    Timing is everything
End your auctions on a Sunday when eBay is at its most buzzing, not at 2am on a Wednesday when everyone is asleep. Opt for seasonal selling – Christmas decorations in November, summer hats in May – and pick a 10 day auction to maximise the number of bids.

Says David: ‘An increasing number of ParcelHero’s consumers are taking to eBay, and it’s an easy way to take first steps into e-commerce. The secret is set a realistic minimum reserve price, and research your mailing options.’

Find out more at http://www.parcelhero.com/ebay

For more information please contact David Jinks, Head of PR, on david@parcelhero.com or by phone on 0208 7584962 (07772 055748 out of office hours)

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