Paranormal Activity at National Brewery Centre

Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, UK – On the 18th November 2010, The National Brewery Centre, Burton, is hosting a bone-chilling lecture on the paranormal by renowned experts, Team Ghost Hunt. The event will see members of Team Ghost Hunt share their wealth of experience gained from countless investigations into alleged hauntings and paranormal phenomena - revealing their findings and discussing a range of topics including: apparitions, orbs, EVP, ghosts, séances and spiritualism. Guests will also be able to witness a live demonstration of past life regression and a recreation of a genuine Victorian séance. Doors open at 7pm, with the lecture commencing at 7.30pm and guests will have the opportunity to purchase freshly-cooked meals and a range of drinks from the bar. Keeley Ball, events manager at The National Brewery Centre said: “It’s the perfect venue for this lecture as there has definitely has been some paranormal activity here over the years!” “When we took over the site back in November last year, we were told tales about strange sightings and unexplainable events that have taken place here over the years. Some of our new staff here were sceptical until they started to experience it for themselves. “There is a tale from a former bar manager that, after closing up for the evening, he spotted someone walking through the bar area and out into an adjoining corridor. “Following the figure, he called out that the bar was closed, but as he reached the corridor, the figure had vanished. He checked the doors and they were all still securely locked and bolted from the inside! “Quite rightly, the organisers are warning potential attendees that the event is not for people that suffer from a nervous disposition!” Tickets for the event cost £20 and are available from The National Brewery Centre. To book, guests will need to either call into the Centre or telephone 01283 532 880. ENDS