New Gold&Green festive veggie option: Pulled Oats ChristmasExtra

Herb-Red Wine roast, Apple-Dijon roast or Cranberry pâté. These are three mouth-watering, festive vegetarian dishes that can be created from the Pulled Oats ChristmasExtra product from Gold&Green Foods. The recipes have been developed by street food guru, Sam McCormick.

"This new product is our Christmas greeting to all friends of pulled oats. The ChristmasExtra product can be used to create new festive vegetarian dishes. There has been so much hype about vegetarian food this year that veggie dishes will definitely be on the menu this Christmas," explains Maija Itkonen, Managing Director of Gold&Green Foods.

Pulled oats ChristmasExtra will be available in the same packaging as the original Pulled oats product. ChristmasExtra is based on the same high-protein pulled oats made from oats and beans, but its composition means it is perfectly suited for the ChristmasExtra recipes. The pack also includes two small bags containing the special ingredients needed in the preparation.

The recipes have been created by Sam McCormick, a street food guru and owner of the Kimchi Wagon restaurant in the Hietalahti indoor market in Helsinki.

"Select one of the three recipes on the package and prepare the richly aromatic Herb-Red Wine roast, the sweet and mellow Apple-Dijon roast or the Cranberry pâté, which is served cold. Sam’s dishes are easy but time-consuming to prepare, which is exactly the way it should be at Christmas. All three recipes and the shopping lists are contained in the product packages. You can also find cooking tips and videos at," Maija Itkonen adds.

Limited edition of ChristmasExtra will go on sale in December

Pulled Oats ChristmasExtra will go on sale at Stockmann Herkku, K-shops, Prisma markets and a number of other outlets between 3 and 24 December.
"This Christmas, we will produce a limited production run of about 20,000 packages of ChristmasExtra. If the product turns out to be very popular there will be more in 2017," says Maija Itkonen.

The production volume of the original Pulled Oats product has increased fourfold since the summer and demand for the product is still astounding. The yearly production capacity at Gold&Green Foods now stands at about 1.5 million packages and by next autumn, the capacity is estimated to be about 15 million packages.

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