Paulig and Fuchs have updated the shareholder agreement

Since 2000 Paulig Group is a minority shareholder in the German company Fuchs Gewürze Gruppe. Fuchs is a spice and ethnic food company known for brands such as Fuchs and Ostmann.

Paulig Group and Mr Dieter Fuchs, founder and CEO of Fuchs, have negotiated and signed a new version of the shareholder agreement from 2000. The now signed agreement does not change our shareholding in Fuchs, but it does define who are permitted shareholders in Fuchs.

Paulig has filed for a so called joint control with competition authorities. This because according to the renewed agreement, the parties together decide on major business questions, such as strategy and major investments. There are no other practical implications related to the joint control.

Facts about Fuchs:

Net Sales: 515 MEUR
Personnel: 3000
Founded: 1952
Shareholders: Dieter Fuchs Stiftung, Dieter Fuchs, Paulig Ltd (26,13 %)

Communications: VP, Communications Anita Laxén, +358 40 77 00 873,