Paulig Presidentti Special Blend 2017: Tastes from around the world and portraits from Finnish history

Paulig's newest special selection coffee, Presidentti Special Blend 2017, is a wild taste sensation. The secret of the captivating coffee enjoyment is the hand-picked, slowly ripening coffee beans high up in the mountains of Northern Sumatra. A unique portrait exhibition of former Presidents of Finland with a pinch of modern Indonesia is also arranged in connection with the launch.

Presidentti Special Blend 2017 is a mouth-watering combination of the best Indonesian and South-American coffee beans. The exciting taste may make you recognise nuances of ripe figs and wild berries. 

“Presidentti Special Blend 2017 special selection coffee adopts its unique taste from the slowly ripening beans growing in the mountains of Northern Sumatra.  The beans have been hand-picked and sorted using a specific triple picked method in which the beans are sorted three times. As a result we have a high-quality and flavourful coffee, which makes a perfect match with a coconut-pineapple pastry,” says Mikko Poutanen, Brand Manager of Paulig's Presidentti coffees. 

Modern portraits from Finland in the past

As part of the special selection coffee launch, Paulig is organising a unique portrait exhibition in Stockmann department stores in Helsinki and Tapiola and at Narikkatori in February and March. The exhibitions introduce six portraits of former Presidents of Finland with a pinch of modern Indonesia. The colourful and vivid portraits are the creation of Indonesian artist Arif Wicaksono, the person behind the design of the Presidentti Special Blend 2017 coffee package. The portraits illustrate the WPAP (Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait), a technique representative of Indonesian culture. 

Presidentti Special Blend 2017 special selection coffee will be launched in connection with the art exhibition opening at Stockmann Helsinki on 28 February. The media are welcome to become acquainted with the product and the gems of the exhibition from 3pm onwards. The exhibitions will be on view from 28 February to 5 March at Stockmann Helsinki, from 15 to 19 March at Stockmann Tapiola, and from 16 to 19 March at Narinkkatori. There is free admission to all exhibitions. Coffee tasting will take place in Stockmann Helsinki on 28 February from 4pm to 7pm and coffee tasting with Paulig’s Paula in Stockmann Tapiola on 17.3. from 11am to 7pm.

Paulig Presidentti Special Blend 2017 special selection coffee

Available ground in packets of 500 g and as beans in packets of 400 g.
Available as a limited batch from well-equipped food stores and from Paulig's online store. 



Further information:

Mikko Poutanen
Brand Manager
Coffee dDivision, Paulig Group
Tel. +358 45 638 2114

Pirjo Hästbacka
Communications Manager
Coffee dDivision, Paulig Group
Tel. +358 50 356 8359

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