In Germany, Paynova has initiated a standardisation study in order to simplify e-commerce in Europe. Paynova is participating in a number of fairs and seminars where Paynova’s initiative, which is becoming the de-facto standard, has attracted attention for its ability to link established payment structures together so that e-commerce can function smoothly. The starting shot for the broad launch of Paynova in France and Germany has sounded, by virtue of the fact that Paynova’s payment solution has been implemented and put into operation at its partners Paybox, GZS/easycash and TripleDeal. Together all parties have started an intensive marketing campaign aimed at e-retailers.

On 21 October Munich will see the start of a nationwide road show called “ePayment forum”, which will end in the Austrian capital of Vienna on 11 November after visiting five large cities within Germany. The event comprises both exhibitions and seminars, and gathers together the leading companies in e-payments and e-transactions. In addition to Paynova, participants include GZS/easycash, VISA, Eurocard and Paypal.

In conjunction with the product launch at the ePayment forum, Paynova, together with consultancy firm Listérus & Partners, will present a programme for identifying and defining the conditions for standardised “easy business”. The study is being carried out in partnership with market research company dsk-Beratungs-GmbH, which specialises in the IT sector. BITKOM, Germany’s largest association for IT companies, has also shown a great deal of interest in the project and will be supporting Paynova’s appearance in Munich.

Paynova’s European launch took place in Paris on 12 October, when Paynova France gathered together just over 100 major French e-retailers, payment agencies and banks for a presentation. Frédéric Loos, sales manager at Paybox, explained how Paynova’s payment system simplifies and streamlines the administration of payment transactions for e-retailers, while Igor Schumberger, CEO of, probably the biggest e-commerce portal in France, pointed out the advantages from the consumers’ point of view.

Similar market launches will be carried out together with GZS/easycash and TripleDeal.

On 2-4 November, Paynova will take part in the huge international trade fair Cartes & IT Security 2004 in Paris. This is yet another step forward in the intensified European launch begun in early autumn 2004.

As was mentioned in an earlier press release, Paynova is one of three companies in its category that were nominated for the SESAMS Award, the Cartes & IT Security fair’s prestigious trophy for companies in the field of credit and debit card related IT security. The winners will be announced when the fair opens on 2 November.

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About Paynova

Paynova (listed on NGM: PAY) is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) with a complete transaction processor offering several services/forms of access for payments and other transfers via the Internet.

The payment services focusing primarily on the Travel, Media and Retailing sectors include the Paynova Wallet, Large Enterprise Services, Mobile Services, Partner Network Services and Payout Services. Transactions are processed between e-retailers, consumers, banks and other players rapidly, simply, securely and cost-effectively.

Paynova’s transaction processor and payment services are linked, together with traditional banks, card companies and other PSPs, to a comprehensive financial infrastructure with both geographical cover and options for minimising transaction costs.

Paynova’s Partner Network includes well-established Internet banks, card companies (VISA, MasterCard etc.), PSPs and other similar players (GZS/easycash, Paybox, TripleDeal, WM-DATA etc.). Via VISA and MasterCard, Paynova can connect transactions globally with more than 20,000 banks. Paynova’s current market focus is Europe.

Important agreements have recently been signed with, for example, Ryanair, SJ, Swebus Express and CDWOW.


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