Finnish Plandent Division expands into Belgium

Northern Europe's largest distributor of dental supplies Plandent Division is to expand its business into the Belgian market. The newly formed company Plandent Belgium Holding S.A., established by Plandent Oy and the Humblet and Demarbaix families, will become a new full-service dental supply company in Belgium. The new company has purchased 100% of Eki'P Dental S.A.'s share capital and Depot Dentaire Humblet S.A.'s operations. The aim is to strengthen Plandent Division’s position in the growing Central European market.

"The arrangement combines the tradition-rich Humblet and Demarbaix family companies – Dental Depot Humblet S.A. and EKI'P Dental S.A. – and will enable more services and modern concepts to our customers due to the expertise and logistics of the Plandent Division," explains Tuomas Lokki, Vice President of the Planmeca Group.

The Plandent Division has local distribution companies in all the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as in the Netherlands, Germany, England and Austria. The Plandent Division provides dental care professionals with all the required solutions and services ranging from the advanced Planmeca dental equipment and software to a full variety of dental supplies and devices from leading manufacturers.

Further information
Tuomas Lokki, Vice President, Planmeca Group
Tel. +358 20 7795 523

Plandent Oy and the Planmeca Group

Plandent Oy is a full-service dental supply company that provides dental practices and laboratories with equipment, instruments, and materials, as well as installation and maintenance services. Plandent Oy is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.  

Plandent Division is part of the Planmeca Group, whose parent company Planmeca Oy is the largest privately-owned company in the dental sector. Planmeca Oy, the third largest dental equipment manufacturer in Europe, designs and manufactures advanced dental equipment and x-ray units, software products and imaging solutions. Planmeca exports 98 percent of its production to over 120 countries through 550 distributors. Planmeca Group’s turnover rose to nearly 700 million euros in the just completed fiscal year. The 2013 sales forecast for the Group is estimated to be 760 million euros. The group has nearly 2,500 employees, 900 in Helsinki.  

About Us

Better care through innovation Planmeca Group is one of the leaders in health care technology. We are dedicated to better patient care through groundbreaking health care solutions that improve the daily workflow of dental and medical professionals around the world. We manufacture and supply high-technology dental care equipment, CAD/CAM solutions, medical and dental 2D and 3D imaging devices and software, mammography systems, instruments, as well as dental supplies and services. Planmeca Group operates in over 120 countries, employing 2,700 people worldwide. Our headquarters and production facilities are located in Helsinki, Finland, where we design and manufacture our world-leading solutions, all under one roof. Over 98% of our products are exported around the world. The Group's turnover in 2014 was MEUR 740.