Plotagon brings new education application to BETT2015

Fresh off the launch of the iPhone version of their signature app, Plotagon, a Swedish company based in Stockholm will be exhibiting for the first time at BETT2015. Plotagon is a user-friendly creative app that allows students to tell stories as animated videos. The Plotagan team will be on hand at stand F571 to provide demonstrations and bring you into the world of animated storytelling.

“Making animated videos is a brilliant way to bring out your students’ creativity”, says Mia Crilley, Head of Education at Plotagon, “With our app students can easily create animated videos while improving their writing and storytelling skills. It even lets those who are shy and silent express themselves in front of class.”

In addition to the consumer market there is a great potential in the education sector as a creative learning tool. As most other areas of society, teachers around the world are experiencing the digital transformation and trying to find new ways to renew their teaching methodologies. Plotagon offers an innovative teaching tool that captures both the attention and creativity of students.

“We endow our students with not only academic skills, but also the intellectual curiosity, creativity, and confidence to explore innovation and twenty-first century technology. I chose Plotagon to enhance my students’ understanding of both movie making and the application of theory and knowledge. Plotagon is a wonderful tool and unique platform that allows students to bring their ideas to life through avatars, hands-on group work, and experiential learning.”  Stephani Richards-Wilson, Ph.D., Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship, George Williams College of Aurora University

Educators can use animated videos for presentations, for exploring subjects through storytelling, for creative writing, or for your flipped classroom. Plotagon brings out creativity and love of the written word in everyone. The app is an affordable addition to your classroom as a license covering up to 50 students and one teacher costs £80 per year.


For more information please contact Social Media and Communications Manager, Michelle Plett on +46 72 570 5277 or

Notes: Plotagon is a user-friendly creative app that allows anyone to tell stories as animated videos. The method is simple: the user chooses the characters and scenes, writes their story in the form of dialogue, and add sound effects and music all with easy drop down menus and clicks of a button. When the user has finished tweaking it is a matter of pressing play and the app animates the movie automatically - no need for knowledge of animation at all. Behind the scenes Plotagon have taken care of lighting, camera angles, animation, lip syncing and editing. The user only focuses on communicating their story.

Scenes and characters can be used in any combination and new ones will be available every few weeks. Users can share their animated stories on the Plotagon network and on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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Plotagon is a Swedish start-up based in Stockholm. Plotagon is developing an app that lets anyone create and share 3D animated videos within seconds. More information about Plotagon can be found at:



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Plotagon to exhibit at BETT2015.
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Plotagon is a user-friendly app, ideal for the classroom, both for teachers and students.
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