Timeshare Donation Organization Recognized for its Honesty

A nonprofit organization doing business in one of the most corrupt industries in the country recently gained recognition for their transparency and honest business practices.

Donate for a Cause, a nonprofit that takes unwanted timeshares on donation, received the official “seal of approval” from Guidestar, arguably the nation’s most respected source of information regarding charitable organizations. Think: the Better Business Bureau of the nonprofit world.

The Guidestar seal of approval is especially important because the timeshare resale market is so fraudulent that the BBB ranked timeshare resale scams as one of the top ten scams in the country.

Donate for a Cause earned the Guidestar endorsement by releasing the last three years of their IRS form 990 filings, the roster of their board of directors, and their financial statements.

“These declarations demonstrate our commitment to transparency and quantify the charitable work we’ve done over the years,” says Brent Maggio, treasurer of Donate for a Cause.

Donate for a Cause accepts the donation of timeshare ownerships and converts them into grants for other charities such as the National Foundation for Cancer Research, donors may elect to take a tax deduction for the Fair Market Value of their ownership. It's often one of the most lucrative ways owners can divest of their unwanted properties.  You can view the Guidestar report on Donate for a Cause at: http://www.guidestar.org/organizations/20-4862885/project-philanthropy.aspx.

“Guide Star is the primary source that donors look to for guidance when making a charitable gift,” says Fred Peck,” an independent consultant who helps nonprofit organizations become more effective; as well as the Chief Financial Officer of Spokane Housing Ventures.  “This recognition will give potential timeshare donors an even greater level of confidence in Donate for a Cause.”

Donate for a Cause also earned tremendous credibility after being featured in and recommended by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Suzie Orman and numerous other consumer reporters.

You can see many of those stories at http://www.donateforacause.org.

“We’re an honest company in a haystack of liars and thieves,” says Jim Tarpey, founder and spokesman for Donate for a Cause.  “That’s why we point to all the third party proof of our integrity and reliability.”

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Timeshare donation is often the most lucrative way to divest of an unwanted property
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