Thirty minute alignment challenge sets staggering target

Wheel alignment specialist Pro-Align has set a brand new record, smashing the original one they set in 1999, by aligning an incredible twelve cars in just thirty minutes. The record was set using the new top of the range Hunter HawkEye Elite TD system, which the company rightly claims is currently one of the fastest aligners on the market.

What’s even more impressive is that the challenge included the time taken to drive the vehicles on and off the ramp, raising the ramp to a working height and performing rolling compensation on each of the cars. When the challenge timer reach zero, a thirteenth car was only seconds away from the alignment results (showing all 14 alignment angles measured) being printed.

“Speed and efficiency is of critical importance to workshops that utilise their alignment bays fully, so we set ourselves the challenge of measuring as many cars as possible in thirty minutes to demonstrate the true capabilities of our new Hunter Elite TD system,” explains Paul Beaurain, managing director, Pro-Align. “We were delighted with how many measurements we achieved and the evidence really backs up our claims about the impressive speed and potential of our new system.”

Pro-Align last carried out the same challenge 12 years ago, when the Hunter imaging was first launched in theUK. Way back then, they managed to measure six cars, a considerable achievement, (even unheard of at the time), but well short of what is now possible employing the latest and best equipment. On both occasions, Pro-Align’s managing director Paul Beaurain conducted the alignments to ensure consistency and an independent adjudicator was present to oversee that the challenge was conducted to the guidelines set.

Pro-Align’s record feat can be attributed to the range of innovations that are found on the new Hunter HawkEye TD Elite. The system features a totally new design of integrated wheel clamp and targets that are fixed to the face of the wheel quickly and easily using the new QuickGrip adaptors.

The system also incorporates the new and unique QuickComp system which allows users to perform rolling compensation, to take account of any rim runout or mounting error, with just one simple roll forward. Previous compensation requirements needed the technician to roll the vehicle back and forward. (Indeed, some other manufacturers’ aligners even require a full 360 degree wheel revolution to ensure a true reading).

Pro-Align also used its Hunter RX alignment lift, forming part of its award-winning Fully Integrated Alignment (FIA) system which automated the locking and unlocking the slip plates and turn plates function.

“While we appreciate that workshops won’t normally handle cars at this rapid rate, it does demonstrate the throughput ability of the Hunter Elite TD system,” continues Beaurain. “It also proves that speculative alignment is achievable with little time cost to a workshop, but the business potential for subsequent additional adjustment work makes it revenue opportunity not to be overlooked. However, if no further work is needed then customers have the confidence and reassurance that their vehicle is leaving the workshop in the best possible condition and they have been offered the best standard of service and care,” concludes Beaurain.

See the 30 minute alignment challenge video for yourself For further information or to arrange a demonstration of the new Hunter HawkEye TD Elite, call 01327 323 007.

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