PROBE GOLF, INC. Creates a Putter that Manages the Break on Short Side Hill Putts!

UPLAND, CALIFORNIA, May 21, 2012--Pete Baumann of PROBE GOLF, INC. announced his company has created a golf putter that takes the guesswork out of reading short breaking putts! “Every other golf equipment manufacturer in the world will be speechless when they hear what PROBE GOLF, Inc. has created,” says Baumann. “Golfers no longer will have to guess how a two to five foot side hill putt will break! We have taken the concept of putting to an entirely new level. Everything every golfer in the world has ever thought about when choosing a putter for himself or herself is now obsolete! The future of putting will never be the same!”

While thousands of putters have been created over the centuries, the PROBE 20/10 (Patent Pending) is the first putter that is not intended to strike the golf ball at only the “sweet spot” on the face of the putter! The PROBE 20/10 has an inverted shaft, with the thin end of the shaft in the grip and the fatter, heavier end of the shaft in the putter head. This forces each golfer to use a shoulder/arm stroke, with no wristiness, and guarantees a true pendulum stroke with the proper tempo, each and every time! Any potential for the “yips” is impossible.

Furthermore, the PROBE 20/10 has a center-shafted putter head, and its Maximum Torque composite shaft with “Break Reduction Technology” allows each golfer to impart “English”, or side-spin on the ball to take the guesswork out of reading the break on side hill putts by hitting the ball off the mark at the toe or the heel, depending on the slope of the green!

Baumann is not new to the golf equipment industry. In 1987 his original Probe Golf Company helped teach golfers worldwide what a true custom fit set of irons was all about. In 1991 his company put more curvature on the face of a driver, which added 30+ yards to everyone’s drive! “It took the rest of the industry three years to catch up to a PROBE driver off the tee!” states Baumann.   In 1993 Probe Golf Company patented golf’s first and only previous inverted-shafted putter, the PROBE 20/20, “the putter with perfect vision” Over $15,000,000 worth of PROBE 20/20s were sold the first 18 months from the company’s Gary Player 30-minute infomercial.

But it wasn’t until late 2011 that Mr. Baumann came out of retirement and started experimenting with an inverted shaft that was made to intentionally twist when a golf ball was putted off the toe or the heel of the perfectly symmetrical two-sided putter face. The PROBE 20/10 was born, “the putter with better vision”.

Baumann’s website, probegolf.com has a sample “crib sheet” that PROBE encourages every owner of a Probe 20/10 to carry with them on the course, and refer to it when they face any particular breaking putt. He states that all PROBE 20/10s sold after the putters are first available on June 1, 2012 will come with a more detailed crib sheet.

And Baumann says the first PROBE 20/10s will be offered to specific PGA Tour professionals.   “I have specific tour pros that I want to see start winning on tour, and I am going to offer the 20/10 first and foremost to those tour professionals! Any PGA Tour pro who learns to use the 20/10 before this year’s United States Open will have a tremendous advantage over the rest of the field at The Olympic Club!

Probe Golf offers the opportunity for golfers, pros and amateurs alike, to train with their new PROBE 20/10 by meeting a Probe representative near the Ontario International Airport (ONT) thirty miles east of Los Angeles off of I-10 and take instruction from a Probe rep. at a nearby golf course.

“A golfer can’t simply receive the PROBE 20/10 in the mail, open the box, and start putting balls with it like any other putter,” explains Baumann. “Our crib sheet explains some of the physics involved with putting the ball off the toe or the heel to negate the break, but practice, and correct practice, is the key to fantastic success with this putter.”

The PROBE 20/10 Patent Pending will be available June 1, 2012. Early putter orders may be reserved at http://probegolf.com/putters.html.

Pete Baumann – President
Public Relations: PR@probegolf.com
Investor Relations: InvestorRelations@probegolf.com