Autofarm offers alternative fuel pump for 69MY-75MY Mechanical Fuel Injection Porsche 911s

Affordable alternative electric fuel pump solves supply issue for factory roller fuel injection supply pump

BICESTER – With the factory Porsche fuel pump for 69MY-75MY fuel injection Porsche 911s currently unobtainable, independent specialists Autofarm now offers a cost effective and easy to fit alternative. Available now, Autofarm’s fuel pump not only solves the current supply issue but conveniently fits in the same location, needing no modifications to fuel pipes or brackets. The fuel pump has the correct pressure and delivery rates for an MFi engine (mechanical fuel injection) and a useful lower current draw of 3A compared to the factory unit that has now been unavailable for a couple of months.

Supplied complete with fixings and link lead if required (so the original wiring may stay intact and unmodified), Autofarm’s fuel pump costs £360+VAT, approximately £100 less than the original equipment unit.

Cost - £360+VAT

Available - now

Contact ; +44 1865 331234,

Press Contact

Nick Bailey, +44 (0) 7813 956664

About Autofarm

Based in Weston on the Green, Oxon, Autofarm is a leading independent Porsche specialist. Founded by Josh Sadler, Autofarm has over 40 years’ experience of maintaining, preparing, racing, restoring and selling Porsches of all ages.  The Oxfordshire based workshop offers servicing using accredited diagnostics equipment, sales, parts, race preparation, restoration and engine rebuild capability.  Its extensive road, race and rally engine experience led the company to develop Silsleeve, an innovative and cost effective method of repairing damaged modern Porsche cylinder blocks. Autofarm enjoys close links with Porsche and the leading Porsche owners’ clubs.


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