Motorsport simulator manufacturer presents new vehicle dynamics-focused training simulator for high speed boat operations

Cruden high speed boat simulator, to be unveiled at the 7th HSBO Forum (Lisbon, May 4-6), aims to set a new industry standard in training for the piloting of small and fast boats.

Cruden, the Amsterdam-based designer and manufacturer of professional, motion-based simulators, simulator software, surface and vehicle models, will show a highly accurate and realistic, full motion power boat technology demonstrator simulator at the 7th HSBO (High Speed Boat Operations) Forum in Lisbon in May.

Using detailed modelling and motion cueing techniques as well as professional image generation developed in the automotive and motorsport industries (including Formula 1TM), the simulator is designed to set a new training standard for offshore, coastguard, naval, search and rescue, and security and control applications. The simulator was developed with data gathered from the Dutch military on its fast interceptor vessels and security boats and Florida powerboat specialists.

“We are excited to announce our entry into the marine simulation market. We believe our high speed boat simulator is one of the first to combine real boat and associated hardware with professional wave and boat dynamics models and image generation for power boat training scenarios,” says Maarten van Donselaar, CEO of Cruden.

“While scenario-based simulator training is commonplace in the marine sector, this tends to be focused on larger craft. We are offering a new solution for training in critical safety and boat handling situations where motion, forces and dynamic feedback play an important part. We want to bring renowned Cruden technology to improve safety and reduce costs to new applications.”

Simulator highlights:

  • 6-DOF 640 motion system
  • Range of hulls available. (Cruden will bring an open cockpit demonstrator to the HSBO Forum.)
  • Shock-mitigating seat by Ullman Dynamics
  • SIMRAD NSS7 and NSS12 EVO2 Chartplotter/multifunction displays
  • Customers will be able to integrate their own hardware, if required
  • Display either with on- or off-board projection systems
  • Service and maintenance packages.

“We look forward to presenting the high speed boat simulator to the HSBO Forum community in May. The reaction from the organisers and our partners has been very positive so far,” concludes Maarten van Donselaar.


About Cruden

Cruden is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of professional, interactive, motion-based simulators. The company develops the most high tech, realistic and accurate professional equipment for the top levels of international motorsport, including Formula 1, as well as vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. Cruden’s heritage is in the development of professional simulators for the aerospace, marine and automotive industries. Originating from Fokker Aircraft Company in the late 1990s, the company was called FCS Racing Simulation before becoming Cruden in 2006.

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