PHILADELPHIA, Pa.  (November 8, 2010) -- Vino Solo, a complete 187ml bottle, cap and drinking flute combination, was launched this month by KDM Partners, an international wine importer and producer, specializing in private label wine brand creation, marketing and foodservice program

KDM president Jonathan Gelula said, "This is a game-changer; a single-serve unit offering convenience, freshness, inventory control and freight efficiency never before available."  With the company's strength in private label programs, Vino Solo can also be custom-labeled and packaged to meet any food service or retail chain operation need with various wine varietal choices and retail price points with low case minimums.

The PET package is one-sixth the weight of glass and recyclable.  It reduces inventory management costs and issues concerning the storage and transport of wine glasses, and the bottle and flute still only use the same space as any other 187.   It dramatically reduces service time; the server simply opens the tamper-evident seal and gives the unit to the customer. The early wines, a North Coast Merlot and California Chardonnay, have taste profiles comparable to wines whose 750ml bottles retail in the $15 -$18 range. Wholesale price per case is $38.25 per case of 24, FOB New Jersey and California.

"We've had initial enthusiastic response to the package and especially the wines from the food service field and the consumer," Gelula said.  "We know sourcing, industry trends and private labeling, and now we've produced wine in a memorable, 'on-the-go' package. We can do this with relatively small case minimums, which are important to local and regional businesses."

KDM Global Partners and Singlz International, based in New Zealand, have formed a joint venture, Singlz KDM North America, to introduce the Vino Solo brand and the unique 187ml bottle-and-flute packaging in North America, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. All elements are proprietary to Singlz KDM North America. “Vino Solo represents an entirely new product sub-category in the wine marketplace,” Gelula observed. “Most wine people associate the 187ml package with ‘institutional’ wine, and by default, tend to attribute low-end product characteristics to it. Vino Solo is a departure from this. We have already seen that consumers want a higher-quality wine that also offers compelling convenience and stylish qualities. And, for on-premise wine sellers, Vino Solo helps them sell more wine, enabling beverage service to be more profitable.”

For more information, contact Jonathan Gelula, KDM Global Partners, 4100 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127; phone 215/509-7500, fax 215/509-7505; info@kdmglobalpartners.com or visit www.KDMGlobalPartners.com and www.VinoSolo.com

KDM Global Partners, LLC is a wine producer and custom label provider for foodservice operations, retail chains, restaurants, hotels and resorts, airlines, arenas and other on-sale operations. KDM produces Vino Solo, the complete 187ml bottle, cap and flute ensemble and produces wine for its clients from top growing regions throughout the world. It is involved in all aspects of the brand development process, including design, compliance bottling, warehousing and distribution in the U.S. and overseas. KDM brands result in better margins, customer loyalty, brand differentiation and increased retailer leverage.



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KDM Global Partners   4100 Main Street    Philadelphia   PA   19127   phone 215/509-7500   fax 215/509-7505