QuiBids Auctions Off Celebrity Dance Lessons

For a limited time, QuiBids will auction off special auctions covering a variety of unique products that can only be found on its site.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK— In his NBA days he was known for his incredible combination of size, coordination, and quickness, and that’s what also makes Shaquille O’Neal a great dancer. Now all his moves can be yours thanks to QuiBids.com, which is auctioning off a private dance lesson with Shaq beginning in April along with 20 other special, one-time-only auctions.

QuiBids, the world’s leading entertainment auction site, normally hosts auctions for consumer electronics and household items but the company has recently entered into an agreement with a new supplier, Vandelay Industries, which has access to products that some retailers might call controversial.

“Vandelay is helping us push the envelope on what’s considered the norm in the online auction industry and at the right price,” said Jeff Geurts, QuiBids chief financial officer. “We don’t know how they get some of these products for us but they’re just too irresistible to turn down.”

In addition to a private dance lesson with Mr. O’Neal, QuiBids will auction off several products worth up to five hundred thousand dollars some of which include dinosaurs, guided tours of Mt. Everest, oceanic property rights and other very unique offerings that can only be founds on QuiBids.

“We realize that the cost of shipping on some of these products will be exorbitant but that’s just part of doing business in this environment these days,” said Geurts.

While Shaq did not indicate whether or not the dance lesson would feature music from his platinum-selling debut rap album Shaq Diesel, he thanked QuiBids and Vandelay Industries for the opportunity to teach a fortunate customer how to dougie.

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