QuietOn launched innovative active noise cancelling earplugs at Future Travel Experience in Singapore

Finnish startup QuietOn Ltd. attends the Future Travel Experience event in Singapore. With its patented and innovative active noise cancelling earplugs, QuietOn aspires to deliver the Nordic luxury, silence, to customers suffering from noise pollution in Asia. Many flight travellers have been longing for silence in noisy airplane cabins, often to improve the ability to fall asleep during flights and stay fresh after landing.

Asia is the fastest growing market in number of air passengers and will account for more than half of new passengers in the next twenty years. ”Demand is really impressive”, says the QuietOn founder Janne Kyllönen. ”We are working hard to make QuietOns available to as many air passengers as possible to improve their travelling comfort and wellbeing. Currently we’re negotiating with several major players in the airline industry.” QuietOn earplugs were recently introduced in the Finnair inflight catalogue and have been launched at Capi electronics retail shops at airports. The earplugs were also granted approval in the tests made by the European aviation giant Lufthansa. The QuietOn active noise cancelling technology has been optimized for low sound frequencies, which makes it perfect for cancelling background noise in airplane cabins. The earplugs are equipped with 50 hours of battery life, thanks to which there’s no need to charge them in between long flights. The QuietOns are wireless, which is why they can be worn conveniently even while sleeping with a neck pillow. Due to their small and light-weight design passengers can easily carry QuietOns with them wherever they go.

The idea of developing active noise cancelling earplugs came to Kyllönen when he was spending much of his time at airports and in airplanes while business travelling. The QuietOns were first introduced to the market last year through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that raised massive sum of 1,3 million US dollars. By now, around 15.000 QuietOns have been delivered to more than 120 countries. ”In addition to enabling sleeping in airplanes, many of our customer have found help in sleeping with a snoring partner and improving the working comfort in noisy factory environments.”, Kyllönen highlights.

QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs are now available on Finnair flights.

QuietOn Ltd.

- A wellness technology startup based in Oulu, Finland

- Founded in 2015

- Located in Oulu, Finland

- Developer and manufacturer of patented active noise cancelling earplugs

- QuietOn aspires to be the leading provider of active noise cancelling products in wellbeing market

- 11 employees

- Turnover 1M € (2016)

More information:

Olli Remes, Sales

Janne Kyllönen, Chairman of the Board