Rapunzel of Sweden and Valedo in partnership for continued growth

Rapunzel of Sweden and Valedo Partners has entered into a strategic partnership for continued expansion and growth. The partnership with Valedo involves an input of both capital and expertise to establish the company as an international brand and leader in hair extensions and related services and products.

"I am so proud of our dedicated staff, and grateful for the amazing feedback we receive from customers all over the world. We have succeeded in creating that which many thought was impossible - a global hair extension brand. With the support of Valedo as a strong partner and the new experienced and competent Board of Directors, I am excited to continue developing Rapunzel and take the company to the next level. Together we will now embark on an exciting journey that will bring new opportunities for employees, customers and partners. As the founder, it's also great to additionally welcome a group of key employees as a partner", says founder and CEO Ida Backlund.

Besides Valedo, investments will also be made by Rapunzel's previous owners, key employees and directors. Arthur Engel (former CEO of Gant and Bjorn Borg) has been appointed Chairman and Ida Backlund (CEO and founder of Rapunzel) and Stefan Lofgren (purchasing manager and founder of Rapunzel) have been appointed new board members.

"Rapunzel has in recent years experienced strong organic growth and I look forward to working together with the driven and talented founders," says Arthur Engel.

For the Umeå-based company the strategic partnership means no other organizational changes.

"This gives us the strength to take us to a new level. Still with the same excellent corporate culture we always had, together and with the goal in mind. The culture is important for me and for us and will not change", says Ida Backlund.

About Valedo: Valedo is an independent Swedish investment group that invests in high-quality small and medium sized companies in the Nordic region. Valedo focuses on companies with clear growth potential where Valedo can help to accelerate the pace of development of enterprises. By being an active owner that contributes both capital and expertise means that Valedo ensures that the companies that Valedo invests in achieve their full potential. www.valedopartners.com

For additional information about Rapunzel, please contact:

Ida Backlund

+46 90 70 60 70


For additional information about Valedo, please contact Valedo press contact:

Hanna Bilir, Brunswick Group

+46 709 16 68 66


Rapunzel of Sweden is one of the leading hair extensions suppliers. In just a few years the company has gone from zero to one hundred and today Rapunzel of Sweden is a large and highly publicized online company with more than forty employees and customers in over 60 countries worldwide. Just like in the fairy-tale about the princess Rapunzel it is hair that is the key focus. The company uses its own brand, Rapunzel® and supplies hairpieces, wigs and hair care to many people worldwide. In addition to a great online business, headquartered in Umeå, Rapunzel of Sweden has also started Rapunzel® Store Concept which includes salons in Umeå, Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. The company has also started a foundation Rapunzel vs. Cancer.

About Us

Rapunzel of Sweden is one of the Nordics leading hair extensions companies operating mainly on the internet with customers in more than 60 different countries. The company uses its own brand, Rapunzel® and delivers hair extensions, wigs and hair care to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Apart from the large online business with it’s head office in the city of Umeå (Northern Sweden) Rapunzel of Sweden also has established the Rapunzel® Store Concept, and the foundation Rapunzel vs Cancer.