Rapunzel of Sweden launches new Hair Extensions product - Easy Clip-in

Rapunzel of Sweden introduces their latest hair extensions innovation, Easy Clip-in. A brand-new product that is easy to attach and can be used to create volume and color effects, for all hair types.

Easy Clip-in is made of top quality real hair and has a smart v-shape section that is attachable with clips in the middle parting. The hair is soft and can effortlessly be curled, flat-ironed and shaped into different hair styles, making it easy to handle. The Easy Clip-in is available in 15 natural colors and can be cut to fit both short and long hair.

The new hair extension is excellent for varying hair styles and colors, either as an everyday tool or as a quick-fix before a party. In just a few minutes, thin and lifeless hair can attain volume and thickness, or even a nice highlight-effect. Easy Clip-in can also be used with other Rapunzel hair extensions to provide more hair for a complete, fuller look.

Easy Clip-in can easily be inserted at home by just following a few steps. First, measure the desired parting. Second, raise your hair, about 2 cm around the parting, in a top-knot. Third, attach the v-shape section by starting with the back clips, and then fasten the clips on the side. Finally, divide the top-knot in two and create a parting, dividing the hair over the extensions. 

Rapunzel Easy Clip-in is launched in November and will be available for sale on rapunzelofsweden.com and at Rapunzel Concept Stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Umeå and Helsinki.

Rapunzel Easy Clip-in: 799 SEK/729 NOK/609 DKK

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Rapunzel of Sweden is one of the Nordics leading hair extension providers. In just a few years the company has grown extraordinarily, and today Rapunzel of Sweden is a large and highly publicized online company with customers in over 60 countries worldwide. The company uses its own brand, Rapunzel® and supplies hairpieces, wigs and hair care to many people worldwide. In addition to a great online business, headquartered in Umeå, Rapunzel of Sweden also started Rapunzel® Concept Stores. There are salons in Umeå, Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Helsinki.


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Rapunzel of Sweden is one of the Nordics leading hair extensions companies operating mainly on the internet with customers in more than 60 different countries. The company uses its own brand, Rapunzel® and delivers hair extensions, wigs and hair care to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Apart from the large online business with it’s head office in the city of Umeå (Northern Sweden) Rapunzel of Sweden also has established the Rapunzel® Store Concept, and the foundation Rapunzel vs Cancer.