Rational’s SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency: the easy way to cook barbeque-type food

No fuss, no risk, great barbeque look and taste

Barbequed food is the taste of summer but unfortunately badly barbequed food can become the scourge of summer. Food that isn’t thoroughly cooked runs the risk of containing harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Also barbeques take up all the attention of the chef – if food isn’t turned on time it can be ruined. The unpredictability of the British weather is another factor that can spoil an outdoor barbeque.

The new Rational SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency can grill steaks, spare ribs, burgers, vegetables or seafood absolutely perfectly, with no need to monitor, and all in the shelter of the kitchen where the weather can’t interfere.  If required, part cooked food can be transferred to an outdoor barbeque to finish off.

To use the SelfCooking Center whitefficiency as a grill, place the raw (or frozen) food on the CombiGrill accessory grids, press a button to tell the unit what type of food is being grilled, the clever Rational does the rest, delivering an outstanding cooked product with attractive sear lines.

Rational’s new Kebab accessory further extends the barbeque menu. About 100 loaded kebab skewers can be cooked in around 15 minutes, with much less effort than traditional grilling methods and yet still with that succulent, just grilled taste.  The kebab skewers securely slot into position in the specially designed Rational grill so they can be loaded and moved safely.

HiDensityControl, Rational’s patented dynamic air mixing technology, precisely controls the speed of the unit’s fan channelling the heat and humidity to exactly where it is needed. This allows chefs to maximise output, since they can load up to 30% more food into the same size cooking cabinet.  It also reduces energy consumption by up to 70% and compared to traditional cooking equipment. 

Efficient LevelControl is especially useful for mixed grilling. It indicates which different foods can be cooked together and intelligently controls the cooking time for each rack, according to the type and amount of food loaded and how often, and for how long, the door is opened during the cooking process.  It means that everything is cooked to perfection, every time. 

With the Rational there’re no mucky grills to clean - a real bonus. The unit cleans itself fully automatically and only when necessary. Its CareControl feature continually monitors the level of soiling and tells the operator when to insert the cleaning tabs and initiate the cleaning cycle.

For information and brochures, or to arrange to come to a free SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® ‘Rational CookingLive’ seminar, contact your dealer, freephone Rational UK on 0800 389 2944 or see www.rational-UK.com. Visit the iPhone store for the Rational SCC Expert App.      

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Rational invented combi-steaming in 1976. Now the company’s new SelfCookingCenter® is the world’s first commercial oven that takes over the whole cooking process, allowing the chef to get on with more important things, like creativity, presentation and quality control. The chef simply tells the oven what the food is – the SelfCookingCenter® does the rest. The oven will cook the food exactly how chef wants it, even with ‘low temperature’ cooking overnight. And it cooks up to 15% faster than conventional combi-steamers, saving time and money.