Market Share Growing as RCA Picks Up More National Retail Customers

LAS VEGAS – January 10, 2012 – One of America’s most recognizable and popular consumer electronics brand names is making new inroads in a revitalized retail push, even as the TV market is flooded with dozens of brand names for consideration when buying a new TV.

“While many flat-screen HDTV products look similar, it’s important for consumers to consider who is behind the brand names that they’re buying at retail. RCA virtually created the TV business more than 70 years ago, and today the brand is making a successful comeback with a full range of competitive LCD and LED-backlit displays that include more than just svelte cabinets and brilliant pictures. We stand behind what we sell with an outstanding customer service operation that stands ready to assist any customer who has a problem with a big-screen RCA TV,” said Jonathan Zupnik, Vice President of Marketing for RCA licensee ON Corporation U.S.

3D Depth Control with Technology by Technicolor

Three-dimensional content sources have created new opportunities for TV makers, but also new concerns for viewers. At CES 2012, RCA will be demonstrating on-screen 3D RCA displays with adjustable depth settings that incorporate technology developed by RCA brand owner Technicolor.

“The addition of three-dimensional graphics that are overlayed on program content makes it easier on consumers to make adjustments to the screen and the perceived depth of 3D content. This proprietary technology from Technicolor is being shown to retailers this week for the first time,” Zupnik said.

RCA Resurgence at Retail

The RCA brand in big-screen TV is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

“We are a dependable vendor for several of the largest retailers. We are extremely competitive on price and a strong partner to work with. Our warranty program includes in-home service for 37-inch and larger TV products. For RCA sets that are smaller than 37-inches, we will ship a box with a prepaid shipping label directly to the consumer. Smaller sets don’t need to be taken by the consumer to a service center, as they can be returned to us for evaluation and repair through our direct shipment program. That’s a convenience that we know consumers appreciate,” Zupnik explained.

At this week’s International CES, RCA big screen TVs are being introduced in 46-inch, 42-inch, 32-inch, and 24-inch sizes with brilliant LED-backlit LCD screens. Traditional CCFL LCD products are also being shown in screen sizes ranging from 55-inch to 26-inch.

RCA’s TV/DVD combination sets remain a popular choice at retail, making it easy to enjoy a family’s collection of DVD movies in bedrooms, kitchens, and dens – “second room” video destinations that are still popular viewing spots for a family library of DVDs.

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About RCA:  RCA is one of the most recognized names in the electronics industry, delivering innovative and reliable technology that has been entertaining families for over 90 years.  Consumers throughout the world depend on the RCA brand to provide products and services that feature the latest technology and design, are easy to use, and deliver the highest value and longevity.  It's no wonder why generations of families continue to rely on the RCA brand for their home entertainment and lifestyle.  RCA is a global trademark administered by RCA Trademark Management SAS of Technicolor SA.

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