On-line CRB Registration at Ambition 24hours Nursing Agency for Jobs

For CRB registration, agency nurses and HCA staff registered with the Ambition 24hours, and working in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland can now apply for and renew their Criminal Records Bureau checks online. It is the latest application update by the IT development team at the agency, which also features on-line work diaries, automatic notification of compliance renewal and on-line training services too.

The new advance in CRB registration will speed up dramatically the turnaround of Criminal Records checks, says Ambition 24hours. It helps to ensure that all registered medical staff remain compliant and able to work at any time. Once registered members have completed the on-line application form, they can make an electronic payment with PayPal at the CRB fee of £46.20.

A requirement by the NHS is that all agency workers must hold an enhanced disclosure that is less than 12 months old. But with current delays within the CRB system this has meant that some candidates have to re-apply four months early to ensure that they have a current CRB in their possession that at all times is less than 12 months old. The new service from Ambition 24hours will ensure a more timely renewal the agency says.

A division of the A24 Group, the Group newsletter has news of the Agency Workers Directive and Regulations for Ambition 24hours candidates, as well as nurses' jobs. The AWD affects their rights to certain benefits but has no impact on a nurse or HCA’s status as an agency worker. Ambition 24hours can provide further details of the effects of the AWD.

In the newsletter Ambition 24hours also reminds agency nurses and HCAs that it is essential that every healthcare professional who works outside of the NHS maintains professional indemnity cover at all times.

Ambition 24hours today is a preferred supplier of agency nurses and HCA jobs and staff to NHS and private hospitals, GP Surgeries and other Primary Care service providers - as well as the domiciliary homecare sector too.

Qualified nurses and HCAs not already registered with Ambition 24hours can list their contact details on-line in the first instance at www.Ambition24hours.co.uk for agency jobs nationwide.


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