Rejlers Embriq's Smart Metering project for Nettalliansen has reached the halfway mark

In July 2015, Rejlers Embriq AS entered into an agreement with Nettalliansen AS on the introduction and operation of new, smart electricity meters in more than 180,000 homes throughout Norway. The installation of the metres is proceeding well, and 90,000 meters have now been completed. This means that Norway’s largest service-based IOT project is well over halfway to the finish line, and the rollout is currently continuing at a high pace and will soon commence with 20 of the 30 participating network companies from the entire country. Digitalisation of the Norwegian electricity network.

Digitalisation of the Norwegian electricity network
The introduction of smart electricity meters is a link in a government-decreed digitalisation and modernisation of the Norwegian electricity network. By 1 January 2019, 2.8 million new meters will have been installed in Norway. The smart electricity meters are an important step in the digitalisation of the electricity network, which will enable a more efficient network operation and new forward-looking services for consumers, together with more accurate and regular meter readings.

Extensive project
“Nettalliansen's Smart Metering project is an extensive project comprising both the rollout of meters, instrumentation of network stations, the establishment of a central IT solution and integration with Elhub for the 30 participating network companies. This is in reality an enormous nationwide IOT project with multiple interfaces internally and externally, and we are delighted that the project is on target and remains on schedule for further rollout, currently among 13 network companies simultaneously,” says director Espen Kåsin at Rejlers Embriq.

Rejlers Embriq is design and build contractor for the project and also supplies the Quant service platform for collecting large volumes of data and operating the infrastructure, which is a key part of the project. Rejlers Embriq will be responsible for full-scale operation of the entire solution up to 2024, with the option of an additional five years.

Service delivery is vital
“It feels very good to pass this milestone, and we are very satisfied that we are on schedule for the planned final installation of meters by the middle of 2018. And, not least, that we will manage this in spite of repeated delays from Statnett in the completion and commissioning of Elhub,” says Torgeir Brovold, Managing Director of Nettalliansen AS. This project is about solving the network companies’ need for optimal solutions with regard to the introduction of Smart Metering and Elhub, as well as putting in place a good infrastructure for more efficient operation in the network companies. A service-based approach is a key part of our strategy for delivering cost-effective and forward-looking network operation. This will help us ensure that the network companies have the flexibility which we believe is crucial for further development of state-of-the-art network companies,” says Brovold.

Visiting thousands of homes
This is a nationwide project with 30 participating network companies, and by the end of 2018, technicians will have visited more than 180,000 Norwegian homes and companies in over 10 counties throughout Norway. The infrastructure that will be established will improve safety through monitoring of delivery quality at the individual network customers, as well as accurate hourly readings.

“The new opportunities to ensure quality in electricity supply combined with a more efficient network operation is significant for us. If, for example, problems should arise with voltage quality or an earth fault at a customer’s premises, we will receive an automatic alert and can immediately implement fault correction,” explains Brovold.  

About Nettalliansen
Nettalliansen AS is an expertise and purchasing collaboration owned by small and medium-sized network companies. Nettalliansen seeks to safeguard the owners’ interests by establishing competitive and attractive joint services that contribute to increasing the latitude of the local network company. Nettalliansen is experiencing strong growth and currently has 49 companies amongst its owners, as well as more than 300,000 network customers. Nettalliansen aims to increase cost efficiency for its owners, and economies of scale, interaction and innovation are key focus areas. This shall be the owners’ most important tool for increased competitiveness, development of new business areas, as well as utilising the expertise amongst owners through profitable coordination of the owners’ resources.

About Rejlers Embriq
Rejlers Embriq is part of the Rejlers Group and is a business with 160 employees and an annual turnover of almost NOK 400 million. Rejlers Embriq helps to achieve business gains through digitalisation of physical infrastructure, smart choices and strategic use of IT. We design, develop and manage IT solutions and have a Nordic focus and strong roots with a presence in Oslo, Halden, Drammen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Motala.

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Rejlers is one of the largest engineering consultancy firms in the Nordic region. Our 1,800 experts work with projects within the areas of Building and property, Energy, Industry and Infrastructure. With us, you will meet specialist engineers with the breadth, cutting edge expertise and not least energy to create the results you want. We are continuing to grow rapidly and our activities are spread across 80 locations in Sweden, Finland and Norway. In 2014, Rejlers had revenue of SEK 1.7 billion and its Class B share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


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