Feature Phones accounted for 70% of Global Handset Sales in 2011 Says New Report

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The report “Low Cost Handsets: Feature Phones and Entry Level Smartphone Report 2011-2016”  states that not only is the feature phone still relevant but in the next five years it will become even more essential a device in handset manufacturers portfolios. Over 70% of handsets shipped in 2011 were feature phones and as emerging economies come to fruition we believe the popularity of these devices will remain stable.

The report shows that feature phones will continue to dominate the telecoms market. While the mature market is consumed with high end Smartphones, Tablets and App stores the issue of oversaturation is still without a solution. For emerging economies penetration rates are low and for operators and OEMs these areas represent vast untapped potential revenue streams, but how best to capitalise. The feature phone will remain a crucial device in manufacturer’s portfolios over the next five years as emerging economies come to fruition. Low cost and ultra low cost segments mean that no-one need be without a handset.

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