Vaccine market has soared to over $27 billion says new report

Piribo, the online destination for Pharma intelligence, has added a new report.

According to the report “Vaccine Production (Trends, Techniques, Key Players, Spending Estimates and Forecasts)” available at ten years ago the vaccine market was $5.7 billion dollars. Now, driven by the adult influenza vaccine market, and new brands such as Gardasil and Prevnar, the market has hit over $27 billion. This kind of growth has strained vaccine production capacity and will drive new investment and innovation in this area.Many adult and pediatric vaccines are produced by efficient cell-based technologies. Influenza uses a production system based on growing vaccines in chicken eggs, a technology that has been used since the middle of the last century. Novel vaccine production techniques are underway but the major technology is still egg-based. Flu vaccines are among the few that confer no long-term immunity and must be administered annually. A major global effort is required each year by infectious disease monitoring organisations, biologics manufacturers, finish and fill suppliers, government regulatory agencies, distributors, and primary healthcare providers. These issues will become important, as production capacity is increasing. The report indicates that the vaccine industry overall produced an estimated 23 billion doses in 2010, and demand should increase that number to 35 billion doses by 2015.

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