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Arizona artist, Roger Kull, broke the “leather craft” barrier and took his fine art into a gallery and museum quality level. Described as Southwestern Pictorial Leather Sculpture, Kull’s signature style is three-dimensional realism. His recent acceptance into the invitation-only Western Artists of America (WAA) now has him competing at their annual exhibit and show with other sculptors whose work is more traditionally in wood, clay, bronze and stone. “I am truly honored to be among these wonderfully talented artists. I also know this means I will have to bring my work to an even higher level,” Kull said recently. “Even though I have pieces collected in major museums across the country, many folks see leather and think craft. But, I am ready for the challenge.” Kull approached his art in a very non-traditional way taking the technique of general leatherwork, and chose only a saddle maker’s knife and clay modeler’s spoon as the sole implements that create his incredible artwork. There is no hammering, no stamping, only a sculpting process that forms the back bone of his technique. “I am a firm believer, that art skills are paramount,” Kull explains. “As free hand artist I believe that art skills come first and leather skills provide the medium to show case my creations. Each leather sculpture guarantees originality and is a one of a kind.” To watch Kull create his artwork is almost magic, as smooth, fluid, effortless lines are cut, blended, and formed into soft curves. No one has ever duplicated his style and most are shocked, then impressed to find that his artwork is created from cowhide. Utilizing the natural hews of leather and specialized dyes along with the colorful blues of turquoise, there is a continuous flow between tradition and innovation creating constant interest in this uniquely sculpted leather.