FILEBOLT beats hackers with simple to use, enterprise-grade protection for everybody’s digital property

FILEBOLT is a Finnish file protection service that uniquely combines one-click functionality with enterprise-grade encryption technology. The service is due to launch at this year’s Arctic15 conference in Helsinki, Finland, taking place from May 3-5. FILEBOLT ™ offers users a cross-platform and super-easy way to protect their digital property from hacking and maintain privacy.

The company mission is to help users control and protect their digital property - from confidential and valuable documents to private photos and videos. Unlike other options, FILEBOLT ™ works seamlessly with any file format, device, cloud storage medium or web based service. FILEBOLT™ does not store any user information on its own servers, and does not have back doors built into the system.

“We protect the ultimate container of one´s digital property, the files - not physical entities like servers, laptops, networks etc.” says Yrjö Hyvärinen, FILEBOLT™  CEO. “Increasingly, people leave their digital property unattended and store their files on the cloud, use web-based sharing and communications services etc.

“Those services are bombarded by hackers for very high rewards and like we have seen in the news every now and then these hacks succeed. Now, with FILEBOLT,™people can take back control of their own files, as they will remain uncompromised even if the physical storage location or service is breached. The only way to access these files is with your file specific password.”

FILEBOLT™ is targeted at consumers, prosumers and SMEs globally, helping them meet security standards and safeguard the digital assets of both clients and their own businesses.

“We want to make this a mainstream thing. File encryption technologies have been around for a long time, but no one really uses them as they are very complex, fragmented and not intuitive to use,” continues Hyvärinen. “Not any more. We believe whether you are an individual, a professional or an SME, you - and you alone - should have total control of your digital property.”

A subsidiary of Envault, Filebolt is built on robust encryption technologies developed by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), who have also invested in Filebolt’s development. Cyber security maverick and founder of Stonesoft (acquired by McAfee in 2013) Ilkka Hiidenheimo has also backed Filebolt with his expertise and financial investments.

The service is available for download on iOS and Android, as well as PC and Mac.

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FILEBOLT™ is a cross-platform file protection service that offers enterprise-grade protection with a single click, safeguarding digital property against hacking and keeping it inviolable even if the storage medium or service is breached. Compatible with all major desktop and mobile devices, operating systems and file formats, FILEBOLT™ combines an intuitive interface with encryption technologies developed at VTT (Technical research Centre of Finland).  A brand of Envault Corporation, FILEBOLT™ is a subscription based service for consumers, prosumers and enterprises, making file protection as easy as the clicking save button.   

Envault Corporation was founded in 2007 and has a strong customer base in both governmental and enterprise sectors. Its encryption technology is patented and proven in the most demanding environments.

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