Status in SAS pilot negotiations in Norway: The mediation process continues on overtime

SAS and the Norwegian pilot unions have not yet reached an agreement within the set deadline and have agreed to continue the mediation process in overtime.

Mediation between SAS and the pilot unions SNF and NSF was scheduled to be June 7 and June 8, with a deadline at 2400 hrs, the 8th of June.  

"SAS and the pilot unions have agreed to continue the mediation process in overtime, past the original deadline, and SAS is determined to reach an agreement," says Knut Morten Johansen, Head of media relations in SAS in Norway.

Mediation in Norway continues in overtime. If the parties do not reach a solution, NSF and SNF have given notice that a potential strike will include 435 short haul pilots in Norway. For continuous information about flights, visit

Negotiations regarding collective bargaining agreements with both the Swedish and Norwegian pilot unions have been taking place since April. The negotiations in Sweden are coming close to a finish, however, if the parties don’t reach an agreement, the Swedish pilot union SPF has given notice of strike from Friday June 10 at 1800 hrs.

SAS's goal in this year's negotiations is to build on the progress we have laid the foundation for in 2015, so SAS has stated a limited number of demands in this year's negotiations and SAS respects the framework of the central salary settlement in Norway and Sweden.

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For further information, contact SAS press office Norway +47 64 81 88 00

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