Scandi Standard purchases own shares

In accordance with the resolution of the AGM on 25 April 2017, Scandi Standard announces today the commencement of a share purchase program, to secure the cost and delivery of shares to participants in the company’s Long Term Incentive Plan 2017. The program will meet the following terms:

(1)  A maximum of 294,773 shares in the company may be acquired.
(2)  The purchases will take place between now and the next AGM.
(3)  Acquisitions shall be made on the Nasdaq Stockholm at the prevailing market price.
(4)  Payment for shares shall be made in cash.

For further information:
Anders Hägg, CFO, Scandi Standard: +46 72 402 34 90

This information was submitted for publication at 07.30 CET on 23 November 2017.

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