The first Scania Euro 6 trucks are now being registered

The EU Commission Regulation concerning the Euro 6 emission standard has recently been adopted, making it possible to register heavy vehicles according to the new standard. Scania has already started delivering Euro 6 trucks to customers all over Europe. The first delivery took place in the Netherlands in February and the Scania Euro 6 truck has now also been registered in Sweden. Switzerland and several other European countries will open for registration in the coming weeks.

The new Euro 6 emission standard for heavy vehicles enters into force in the EU and certain adjacent countries starting on 31 December 2012 for new vehicle models and one year later for all vehicles. Scania has been delivering trucks that meet the emission requirements under the new standard for almost one year, but these trucks could not be registered as Euro 6 until the regulation was adopted.

To accelerate the transition, the Germany government recently extended and increased state investment subsidies to the transport industry to cover Euro 6 vehicles, which will substantially reduce emissions. Meanwhile, discussions are also under way to introduce a new, more favourable toll for Euro 6 vehicles on German motorways. These incentives can significantly offset the higher cost of this new technology.

“We welcome the German decision which supports customers who want to invest in cleaner technology,” says Martin Lundstedt, Executive Vice President and Head of Factory and Franchise Sales at Scania.

Independent comparison trade media tests have recently verified Scania’s claim when the new trucks were launched – that the fuel consumption of Euro 6 engines does not exceed Euro 5 consumption. These tests, in fact, show that Euro 6 fuel consumption is actually lower under identical driving conditions.

In March 2011, Scania became the first manufacturer to put trucks with Euro 6 engines on the market, enabling foresighted hauliers to invest at an early stage in the cleanest emission technology available. Several innovative technical solutions help to significantly reduce emissions. Nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate emissions are reduced by 80 percent compared to the present Euro 5 standard.

Scania currently offers 440 and 480 hp 13-litre Euro 6 engines, primarily for long-haul trucks but also for other transport tasks, and will gradually expand its range to meet all applications.

Euro 6 constitutes the first step towards a common global emission standard encompassing Europe, North America and Japan. This will facilitate coordination and development of future emission standards.

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