Launching Scila Compliance

Scila now also caters for investment banks and brokers with the launch of Scila Compliance.

Scila Compliance is a multi-asset monitoring and reporting system for ensuring that your trading operations comply with regulations, market rules and internal guidelines – providing more than a first and second line of defense. In real time.

It’s not just about staying out of trouble. It’s about working smarter.

Read more about Scila Compliance here.

About Us

Confidence is one of the most important assets of any market place, market participant, or regulator. Without confidence in the market, investors will choose other alternatives for their investments.Scila provides surveillance tools built on many years of experience from both market surveillance and systems design. The products use the latest technology to offer the customer a seamless route from detection to presentable evidence.At the same time, you benefit from the vast amount of useful order and trading data that can be derived from your Scila solution. Whether you use Scila Surveillance, Scila Compliance, or Scila Regulator you add confidence to your part of the market.