London Stock Exchange Group chooses Scila Surveillance for EDX London

Under the partnership with Cinnober Financial Technology, Scila will deliver the surveillance system to EDX London. EDX will launch its new trading platform from TMX Group Inc., SOLA, in November 2009, and that will also be the launch date for Scila Surveillance.

“We are absolutely delighted to deliver surveillance technology to London Stock Exchange Group. I have previousely worked quite a lot with EDX when it was part of another exchange organisation and there are still some familiar faces around” says Mats Wilhelmsson, Scila’s COO. “Now we ar busy making Scila Surveillance even better at dealing with derivatives, especially options, and our latest team member, Gustav Ryd, is especially suited for that task. Coming from Orc Software, Mr. Ryd has a vast experince of evaluating derivatives”.

Scila Surveillance has attracted quite an interest from markets, regulators and market participants from all over the world and adding the London Stock Exchange Group to its client list is definitely a proof of quality for Scila Surveillance.

“Scila Surveillance stood out from the competition in terms of the functionality and flexibility required for the EDX derivatives markets and importantly demonstrated the ability to deliver a robust surveillance solution within our tight timescales”, says Lee Betsill, Managing Director at EDX London.

Scila’s partnership with Cinnober Financial Technology has proved to be very successful. This being the third customer signing up with Scila/Cinnober since the launch of the partnership last autumn.

“We’ve simply brought a smarter system to the marketplace for this specific niche and we are continuing to receive great interest from the industry in our solution”, says Nils-Robert Persson, Executive Chairman of Cinnober.

About Us

Confidence is one of the most important assets of any market place, market participant, or regulator. Without confidence in the market, investors will choose other alternatives for their investments.Scila provides surveillance tools built on many years of experience from both market surveillance and systems design. The products use the latest technology to offer the customer a seamless route from detection to presentable evidence.At the same time, you benefit from the vast amount of useful order and trading data that can be derived from your Scila solution. Whether you use Scila Surveillance, Scila Compliance, or Scila Regulator you add confidence to your part of the market.