AT&T, TUMI och Lugtrack utvecklar trådlös bagagespårning

Idag lanserar TUMI, ett ledande varumärke inom rese- och livsstils-accessoarer, tillsammans med AT&T och Lugtrack "TUMI Global Locator". TUMI Global Locator är en ny trådlös spårningsenhet som är utformad för att lokalisera resväskor i realtid. Enheten kan spåra alla väskor från portfölj till ryggsäck. Genom att ge resenären kontrollen under hela resan minskar TUMI Global Locator huvudvärk och onödig stress som skapas av borttappat bagage. Genom att tillhandahålla uppkopplingen till TUMI Global Locator, möjliggör AT&T ett mer uppkopplat liv för resenärer runt om i världen.

[NEW YORK, July 5, 2017] – TUMI, the leading global travel lifestyle brand, and AT&T, a leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today the launch of the TUMI Global Locator, a wireless tracking device designed to provide travellers with location specific positioning information regarding the whereabouts of their luggage and travel bags.


Housed in a sleek, compact body, measuring 4.33 x 2.55 x 0.83 inches and weighing 150 grams, TUMI’s Global Locator uses GPS, GSM, WIFI and Bluetooth technology to track the location of the luggage or bag in which it has been placed. The device delivers real-time data, via the free mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices.


The hardware and patented technology for the device was designed and developed by LugTrack, a New Jersey based technology company.


In 2016, more than 21.6 million bags were mishandled globally[1], meaning 5.7 bags were lost per 1,000 passengers. While airports and airlines are investing in technology to track luggage under their respective jurisdictions, the TUMI Global Locator puts the power into customers’ hands, providing tracking ability from the second a journey begins.


“TUMI has long been a trailblazer in global travel, providing consumers with stylish, innovative and effective solutions. We understand that one of the most stressful parts of any journey is the risk of losing your luggage, be that temporarily or permanently. The goal of the TUMI Global Locator is to make this a concern of the past, giving our customers a peace of mind and ensuring a more enjoyable travel experience. TUMI’s Global Locator embodies all this with the focus on safeguarding our customers’ belongings,” said Rob Cooper, General Manager, North America, TUMI.


Joe Mosele, Vice President of Business Development, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T, which provides global connectivity for the device, said, “As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, consumers and businesses have a desire to remain connected in a bigger way than ever before, regardless of whether they are at home or on the go. By providing connectivity for the TUMI Global Locator, AT&T lets travellers around the world remain tapped into a more connected life.”


Through its Accelerometer sensor technology, the Global Locator operates with four alternative modes: Travel Mode, Sleep Mode, Hotel Mode and Proximity.


TRAVEL MODE automatically tracks a bag’s location every 20-30 minutes and builds a history of where a bag has been. In compliance with FAA requirements, the Global Locator powers-down upon take off to remain in an idle state during flight. Upon landing, the locator automatically wakes up and sends a notification to the connected device, informing the user of the bag’s location.


While the device automatically enters SLEEP MODE during flight, the user also has the option to activate Sleep Mode at any time. The TUMI Global Locator will wake up on landing or after a short duration if not in flight.


HOTEL MODE allows the user to ensure the bag containing the Global Locator stays in one location, by recognizing the designated location as its ‘Home Base’. The TUMI Global Locator will then alert the user should the bag move from this location.


PROXIMITY MODE uses Bluetooth technology to allow the user to tether the bag containing the TUMI Global Locator to a connected device, such as a mobile phone.  In the event of an unexpected movement, the connected device then receives an alert. 


TUMI’s Global Locator has been cleared by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Radio Frequency Testing while also employing the highest level of security standards that exist in the market today. All personal information is fully protected by the highest state-of-the-art layers of firewalls, specific authorization protocols and encryption. 


The TUMI Global Locator retails for USD 200 in TUMI stores and online at This price includes one year of wireless location tracking service, which commences from the date of purchase. Annual service plan renewals will be available at 

For a preview of the TUMI Global Locator, please visit:



Since 1975, TUMI has been creating world-class business and travel essentials, designed to upgrade, uncomplicate, and beautify all aspects of life on the move. Blending flawless functionality with a spirit of ingenuity, we’re committed to empowering journeys as a lifelong partner to movers and makers in pursuit of their passions. Designed in America, for Global Citizens everywhere. The brand is sold globally in over 75 countries through more than 1,900 points of sale. For more about TUMI, visit

*Device supports GPS, Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Coverage and service not available in all areas.

ABOUT LugTrack

LugTrack LLC is a leader in the market for high performance global tracking technology. Pioneering innovation in a world of smart luggage, LugTrack develops problem solving technologies that create peace of mind for the travelling public. A portable device, the locator can be packed in any type bag, and shared amongst family & friends allowing freedom of choice for smart travel needs. For more about LugTrack, visit



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