Om oss

What if… we could help global buyers to manage risk, help suppliers generate business and in the process train millions of workers on their rights and responsibilities? With business as the driving force, the founders of QuizRR use their experiences from global trade, production, social responsibility and employee training to create a flexible training tool, owned and used by the supplier and a transparent web platform for all stakeholders. Factories in developing markets often lack tools to secure functioning systems for workplace safety and dialogue and struggle to meet increasing demands on compliance. Employees in factories producing for global companies are often not aware of their employment rights and responsibilities. This is a risk, not only for the person working in the factory but for factory owners, companies sourcing there and for countries involved in global trade. Throughout 2014/2015 we are developing QuizRR, an educational tool and knowledge platform for suppliers and global buyers. With QuizRR the supplier can perform trainings at any time and level, measure and share the results with global buyers and make sure that all their employees know their rights and responsibilities. Increased knowledge is a shared value for all stakeholders in the process that can lead to stability, sustainable production and long-term relations. QuizRR was founded by Jens Helmersson and Sofie Nordström in 2014. Their concept was developed together with Ocean Observations with the support of Axfoundation, CSES, Almi and several supporting partner companies. In July 2015 QuizRR are launching their educational platform.